Saturday, June 6, 2020

What's Happening (06-06-20)

So I'm doing things a tad bit differently this year and will be combining all of my regular weekend posts.  This will enable me to add more content on Fridays and it is just starting to make more sense.  I'll still be linking up with Stacking the Shelves at Tynga's Reviews and Sunday Post at Caffeinated Reviewer.  Both blogs are awesome so make sure you check them out. 

So I didn't post an update last week.  I don't really have an excuse except to say that I found the world pretty overwhelming at the time and decided to steer clear of the computer for a while.   The world's still crazy, but I feel more like participating at least.

We watched a few movies but nothing that really stood out except "Becky."  It was a really good action film about a troubled teen who goes after some home escaped convicts who invade her home.  She was a classic teen and I loved every minute of her.  I see that the last season of "13 Reasons Why" dropped on Netflix so I'm sure that will be my binge watch for next week.  

The pups are doing well.  The weather is getting warmer so we're being more careful when we walk them.  Here's the latest pic I took of Apollo about 2 weeks ago.  

I have been reading quite a bit and I'm thrilled to say that so far, my Goodreads challenge hasn't been mocking me.  GO ME!  Last year I think it mocked me most of the year.  Guess all this time on my hand has been good for something.  Here's what I hope to be picking up this weekend and the following week.  I also just finished "The Only Good Indians" and loved it so look for my review coming up shortly.

One of my libraries just opened up this week for curbside pickup.  I had a few holds that had came in while they were closed (not sure I understand that but I'll roll with it) so I did a drive-by this week and here's what I grabbed.

I've also grabbed some Kindle books the past few weeks during some sales.  Some I had my eye on for some time and some just spoke to me at the time.

So as you see, I have tons of exciting books to read.  

I hope you all are staying safe and thanks for visiting Booker T's Farm.


  1. The world is crazy right now, I don't blame you one bit. And ooh Becky sounds good. I'll have to look that one up. Same with 13 RW- I still have to watch the last season!

    A Good Girl's Guide is one I'd like to read as well.

  2. I hear ya. I missed posting an update this week because I just plain forgot to hit the publish button even though I had drafted the whole thing earlier in the week. In the interest of mental health I don't begrudge anyone who just wants to unplug for a while and just focus on reading some books. In fact, I'm liking the sound of that too.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  3. I hear you about things being overwhelming. I'm glad you stepped away and got the time you needed to take care of yourself. No Filter! On my TBR for sure. And Starving ghosts has got to have the most interesting title.

  4. I've been struggling with wanting to do anything these days, things are just TOO MUCH. I'm craving something completely boring and normal but who knows when we'll get that again? I'm glad you're reading a lot, I am too. And such a cute photo of Apollo😁

  5. Glad your library is starting to open up again! My library has been doing curbside pickup for holds that have been on their shelves since they closed in March, but I'm hoping soon they will start working on other holds.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation of Becky. I added that to my list.

  7. I think it's overwhelming at times too. I seem riveted to social media but it's exhausting so I need to cut back. I've started walking with Lulu, she loves it.

    Happy reading all those new books. Stay safe and be well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  8. I hear ya on finding the world a bit overwhelming these days. Especially last week! It all makes me want to hide in my house and never come out. :) Cute picture of Apollo!!! Totally made me smile.

  9. Apollo looks absolutely lovely and brimming over with good health.
    Stay safe and happy reading.
    Lynn :D

  10. Happy to hear everyone is still okay, and the wuppers are doing well. Apollo is growing up fast! 😀

    Scary Stories for Young Foxes sounds interesting and I love the cover for Cabaret of Monsters. 📚✨

    Have a wonderful week. 🌞

  11. Great haul! I had my eyes on Becky so glad you liked it I might give it a try!

  12. Wow, Apollo sure has grown. What a handsome fella:) I watched the new Thirteen Reasons Why series finale. I kind of got bored with some episodes but mostly enjoyed it.

  13. What a gorgeous pic of Apollo-he's so cute AND growing!!! Time seems to have flown by since you shared those first puppy pics! I'm not going to be running out of books any time soon. The amount of new horror authors I still have to try is frightening but I'm just not in a horror mood right now!