Sunday, November 8, 2020

Orenda Blog Tour - The Coral Bride

TITLE: The Coral Bride
AUTHOR: Roxanne Bouchard
PUBLISHER: Orenda Books
PUBLISHING DATE: November 12, 2020


In this beautiful, lyrical sequel to the critically acclaimed We Were the Salt of the Sea, Detective Moralès finds that a seemingly straightforward search for a missing fisherwoman off Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula is anything but …
When an abandoned lobster trawler is found adrift off the coast of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, DS Joaquin Moralès begins a straightforward search for the boat’s missing captain, Angel Roberts – a rare female in a male-dominated world. But Moralès finds himself blocked at every turn – by his police colleagues, by fisheries bureaucrats, and by his grown-up son, who has turned up at his door with a host of his own personal problems. 
When Angel’s body is finally discovered, it’s clear something very sinister is afoot, and Moralès and son are pulled into murky, dangerous waters, where old resentments run deep.
Exquisitely written, with Bouchard’s trademark lyrical prose, The Coral Bride evokes the power of the sea on the communities who depend on it, the never-ending struggle between the generations, and an extraordinary mystery at the heart of both.  

MY THOUGHTS: One thing I love about participating in Orenda Book Tours is that their works always take me to places I normally don't read about a lot. This time it's a fishing town in Quebec and the book is filled with atmosphere and an insight into fishing communities dominated by men and somewhat old-fashioned traditions.

DS Morales has recently moved to the area and is soon faced with the suspicious death of a female fishing Captain.  Morales does not believe it was a suicide and takes on the task of determining what really happened.  On top of all the stressors of work, his adult son has just returned home with some drama of his own meaning Morales has quite a bit on his plate. 

I really enjoyed the mystery element of this book which was combined with just enough domestic drama.  Bouchard also introduces some pretty eccentric side characters which added some extra complications to the tale.  It is also obvious that Bouchard is writing about something she loves as she does a great job of placing the reader into this fishing community and sharing an atmosphere which is pretty obvious she has personally experienced.

While the pacing wasn't exactly action-packed, it was consistent and fit the tone of the book magically.  I would definitely recommend lover's of translated fiction give this one a go as I felt the translator did a wonderful job and managed to make the story ebb and flow similar to the sea which factors so heavily within the plot.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Over ten years ago, Roxanne Bouchard decided it was time she found her sea legs. So she learned to sail, first on the St Lawrence River, before taking to the open waters off the Gaspé Peninsula. The local fishermen soon invited her aboard to reel in their lobster nets, and Roxanne saw for herself that the sunrise over Bonaventure never lies. Her fifth novel (first translated into English) We Were the Salt of the Sea was published in 2018 to resounding critical acclaim, sure to be followed by its sequel, The Coral Bride. She lives in Quebec.