Friday, November 27, 2020

This May Be Why I Never Attended Camp


TITLE: Camp Murderface
AUTHOR: Josh Berk and Saundra Mitchell
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins


 Summer camp turns sinister in Camp Murderface, a spooky middle grade read perfect for fans of scare masters like R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike. 
The year: 1983. The place: Ohio. The camp: Scary as heck. 
Camp Sweetwater is finally reopening, three decades after it mysteriously shut down. Campers Corryn Quinn and Tez Jones have each had more than enough of their regular lives - they’re so ready to take their summer at Sweetwater by storm. 
But before they can so much as toast one marshmallow, strange happenings start... happening. Can they survive the summer? Or will Camp Sweetwater shut down for good this time - with them inside? . 

It's 1983 and Camp Sweetwater in Ohio is reopening after being shut down for over 20 years.  Both Corryn and Tez meet on the bus ride into camp and it's clear that they are going to become best of friends.  Both are escaping issues at home - Corryn is sure she is being sent to camp because her parents are getting a divorce and Tez suffers from Marfan Syndrome and just wants to be seen as an ordinary kid.  

Soon after their arrival, mysterious things start to happen.  Corryn and Tez start to investigate and learn that 20 years ago, three girls disappeared.  Are the activities occurring, including some life threatening one, connected to what happened so many years ago?  And can Corryn and Tez get to the bottom of it before anyone else gets hurt.

This book was just so much fun and if you have middle grade kids in your life, or just need a fun MG yourself, then you need to look for this book.  The mystery is fun and really reminded me of the Scooby Doo gang, minus a cute dog though.  And Corryn and Tez are a great juxtaposition of each other.  Both are smart kids but Tex is book smart where Corryn is more practical knowledge/common sense smart.  And Corryn has such a great wit and snarky attitude meaning I was meant to immediately love her.  This book is told in alternating chapters and it shows how a true friendship can develop during even the worst of circumstances.  I only went to band camp once and it was pure hell.  Looking back maybe I should just be glad nothing tried to kill me!

Also, it seems liked at the end a sequel could be in the works and I can't wait!



  1. Aww, this sounds cute! I never attended camp as a kid, but it sounds like the perfect setting!

  2. I had some good experiences at camps when I was a kid, so this would be a totally nostalgic read for me😁

  3. I love books set at summer camp! I will definitely be reading this one. :)

  4. lol. sounds like a visit to camp may be in order
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. This sounds like great fun, Barb!

  6. Glad this was such a lot of fun - I think we need that in our live right now.
    Lynn :D

  7. The whole idea of going away for weeks of the summer for organized fun with strangers and being told what to do all the time never would appeal for me! I've also seen way too many slasher films!