Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday - The Best Animal Characters!


The top 10 weekly meme used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish they  handed over the reins to That Artsy Reader Girl who can be found HERE.  Each week she will focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading.

This week I am sharing some of my favorite animal characters.  Look, a topic made just for me!!!!

This book actually has two of my favorite animal characters of all time - S.T. the crow, who is the best foul-mouthed narrator EVER, and Dennis the bloodhound, his best pal.  You can see how much I loved this book HERE!

Another book which has two of my faves - Jake, the blind rescue dog, and Ulysses, the moose.

I ADORED Guffer!

Jack is the PERFECT neighborhood dog.  He belongs to everyone and has a knack for bringing people together. 

Kirby and his attitude should be appreciated by everyone!

You wouldn't know from this cover but this book, and the series in general, has the cutest rescue Pitbull named Piggy.

I can't forget Smooshie!

So what way to end a list - with Pearl the killer pig.  Although I like to consider him merely misunderstood!

So there you have it. I can't wait to see everyone's lists this week!


  1. Ulysses the moose was a pretty great character!

  2. Of course S.T. and Dennis make the list, how could they not? Hollow Kingdom is on my list too😁

  3. YES! S.T. the crow is my favorite!!

  4. I have a couple pigs on my list today, but none of them are killers. Yikes!

    Happy TTT!

  5. S.T. Sounds awesome. I love crows.


  6. I only know two of your animals here...of course you had to put Pearl on here...lol. :)

  7. Oooh! All of these animal characters sound so interesting! Great list!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  8. These do look fun- i like the idea of foul mouthed crow! :)

  9. I would have been surprised if ST wasn't on here - and he gets the top spot too, nice!

  10. I still need to read A Home for Goddesses and Dogs! 🐾