Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday - Books I Read in 24 Hours


The top 10 weekly meme used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish they  handed over the reins to That Artsy Reader Girl who can be found HERE.  Each week she will focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading.

This week's topic is "Books I Read in One Sitting."  I modified that to ones I've read in 24 hours.  With work, family and demanding pets, one sitting is pretty hard these days.

I usually find romance books quick reads and this one was great!  5/5

This was a wonderful horror book which I don't think gets enough love.  I can't wait to read the author's newest one in August.  5/5

I know people have mixed feelings on this one but for the most part, it worked for me.  4/5

Do I really need to mention anything else about this one?  I rave about it all the time.  5/5

Pretty much all of the Virgin River books I've read so far have been enjoyable, quick reads.  5/5

This cozy mystery was awesome and I can't wait for the sequel which comes out soon.  5/5

I adored both books in this series and with a combo of narrative and comics, it was a really quick read.  5/5

Gotta love Bunnicula!  5/5

This was definitely a one-sitting read and a must for whoever has had a beloved dog drive them mad at times.  4/5

I think thrillers tend to go pretty fast and with this one having a wintry, snowed-in setting, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.  4/5

So there you have it?  Did any of these books make your list?


  1. I cant even read a book in 24 hours, lol. I'm so slow! I've got to try Lucy Foley one of these days.

  2. I agree, romances are generally quick reads - they are usually light and fun!

  3. Great list, minus Hunting Party...hehehe. :)

  4. The only one I've read so far is Eight Perfect Murders.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  5. Great list of books! I just added Bait and Witch to my TBR.

    If you get the chance, here’s my TTT post: https://readbakecreate.com/10-books-with-the-word-day/

  6. Joint Custody sounds adorable!

    My post: https://lydiaschoch.com/top-ten-tuesday-books-i-read-in-one-sitting/

  7. I rarely read romance, but I do enjoy Carr's books, especially the Virgin River and Grace Valley series. She does such a good job creating cozy neighborhoods filled with likable characters!

    Happy TTT!

  8. Okay, I have to ask, have you seen Virgin River on Netflix???? If so, are the books as good as the show??

  9. I NEED to get to that Glenn Rolfe novel ASAP! I snagged it when you first recommended it to me but haven't had the time yet.

  10. Yay for Bunnicula! 🐇

    Seeing My Pug is an Asshole always makes me laugh. 😆