Wednesday, March 22, 2023

2 Bloggers 1 Series - Veronica Speedwell #8


So seriously, Stormi and I have been buddy reading this series forever!  I would say it is definitely a favorite for both of us.  However, I'm not sure we quite love it as much as we used to.  Read on for my thoughts and then hop over to Stormi's at Storm Reads to see her's.

TITLE: A Sinister Revenge (Veronica Speedwell #8)
AUTHOR: Deanna Raybourn
PUBLISING DATE: March 7, 2023
PAGES: 336

FROM GOODREADS: Veronica must find and stop a devious killer when a group of old friends is targeted for death in this new adventure from the New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award–nominated author Deanna Raybourn.

Veronica’s natural-historian beau, Stoker, has been away in Bavaria for months and their relationship is at an impasse. But when Veronica shows up before him with his brother, Tiberius, Lord Templeton-Vane, he is lured back home by an intriguing job offer: preparing an iguanodon for a very special dinner party.

Tiberius has received a cryptic message—along with the obituaries of two recently deceased members of his old group of friends, the Seven Sinners—that he too should get his affairs in order. Realizing he is in grave danger but not knowing why, he plans a reunion party for the remaining Sinners at his family estate to lure the killer out while Veronica and Stoker investigate.

As the guests arrive and settle in, the evening’s events turn deadly. More clues come to light, leading Veronica, Stoker, and Tiberius to uncover a shared past among the Sinners that has led to the fatal present. But the truth might be far more sinister than what they were prepared for.

MY THOUGHTS: So, is this one of my favorite series?  Yes.  Do the covers continue to be gorgeous each and every time?  Yes.  Did I love this one as much as the last one?  Probably.  Yet was #7 the first time I deviated from my 5/5 rating?  Again yes, so what does that tell you about this one.

This book picks up 6-8 months after the last one ended.  Those who are current on the series know there was a pretty major plot point at the end of that book and I'm sorry to say that this book picked right up with Veronica making stupid decisions and letting her head and reason get in the way of her heart.  I will add that in the very beginning I thought I was going to get a werewolf tale which would have THRILLED me, but alas no supernatural here.

"A Sinister Revenge" has Veronica and Stoker helping Stoker's brother Tiberius discover who is out to murder him.  Many years ago, one of his friends died at his homestead while uncovering dinosaur bones.  It's now many years later and the remaining friend group seems to be targeted for the same fate.  Stoker has few family ties and hates the idea of going home but does when he is promised some dinosaur artifacts and Veronica just wants to be in the middle of everything like usual.

Do I sound jaded?  Yep, sure do.  So needless to say I did enjoy this book.  The mystery was decent, Veronica was annoying, and Stoker was HOT but not in the book nearly enough.  I also felt like this book had WAY much more details about things - bones, hillside, buildings, etc. than the past installments but maybe that's me.  As much as I have adored this series in the past, I do feel like maybe it has run its course.  I am basically only giving it a 4/5 rating because of my love for it in the past when it's actually closer to a 3 or 3.5 (darn you Goodreads - you'd think you'd allow 1/2 stars by now).  I also must admit that I think the ending of the book would be a fine resolution for the series.  I did actually grow fond of Stoker's baby brother Merry and would support a spin-off with him on his own adventures.

If you love this series, you definitely want to pick this one up.  And if another installment is released, I am sure I will read it as well because I can't see myself not being curious.  However, all good things must come to an end, and I think eight 4- and 5-star rating books is a great run!



  1. I plan to read this series. I just don't know when.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. I would think it's hard to keep up the momentum for such a long series. But I know what you mean about rating it higher based on past books. I do that as well.