Friday, October 26, 2018

Spooky Book Tag


So I saw this tag over at Stormi's Booktube channel and thought it would be a great way to end the Halloween season.  I don't know who did the original but you can find Stormi's video HERE.

Corn Maze - What book had you lost and confused from the very beginning?
The Night Ocean - Paul La Farge.  While I didn't necessarily dislike this book, I did find it somewhat confusing.

Haunted House - what book has the creepiest setting
In the Mouth of the Dark - Tim Waggoner.  I have no desire to visit "Shadow" or meet the Pink Devil.

Ghost Boyfriend - who is your eternal ghost boyfriend.
Stoker from the Veronica Speedwell series.  I don't usually do book boyfriends but he would be a good one.

Caramel Apple Suckers - the best dang Halloween book ever
Dial Meow for Murder - Bethany Blake.  A cute pet cozy that takes place during the autumn season - complete with festivals and parades.

Vampires in Everything - What is your least favorite Halloween trope.
It's a tie between sparkly, lovable vampires and people who run UPSTAIRS when trying to escape monsters, killers, etc.

Pumpkins in Everything - Your favorite Halloween trope.

Evil Incarnate - the most evil villain
Damien from The Omen.

Ouija Board - a book that messes with things you don't want to be involved in.
Rosemary's Baby - Satanism

Full Moon -What character do you turn into during the full moon?
A Witch!

All Hallow's Eve - The other world and this world have meshed up for one night; what book would you love to be swept up in?  
The Library Lover's series - Jenn McKinlay.  Such a cute cozy town with awesome characters.

Voodoo Doll - What author would you like to take control of and make them write whatever you want.
Stephen King and basically I'd just make him write more!

Black Cat - What red flags do you look for when you are starting a book?
None really.  If the synopsis sounds interesting and it's something I might like, full steam ahead!

Witches Brew - A book that had a lot of different components thrown in but the result was magical.
Lost Boy - Christina Henry.  It had action, suspense, great characters and a fun plot.

So there you go. If you do this tag, make sure to let me know so I can check out your answers.


  1. Great choices and your Haunted House comment made me chuckle! Only anyone who has read that book could understand! :)

  2. what a great book tag. I would love to try this but not sure if I have time. I love your Stephen King answer!

    1. I know. Although it seems he has been putting out at least 2 a year now.

  3. Awesome and fun tag! I especially like the Voodoo one. There are several authors out there that I'd like to make write just one more book with my favorite character. :)

  4. Haha - this was fun. And why, exactly, do people run upstairs to escape the monsters. They're just hemming themselves in! DOH.
    Lynn :D

  5. Those caramel apple suckers were my favorite thing ever when I was a kid! I need to know where to get some now . . .

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I always find them at Walmart or at local pharmacies in the Halloween Candy aisles.

  6. Agree straight away about the monsters! People who run upstairs instead of out the front door can get on my nerves too...I'm working on this tag today and will have it up this week!

    1. I'm glad you did it - your answers were great!

  7. What a fun tag! I'd turn into a witch, too. Happy Halloween. 🎃