Friday, February 12, 2016

A Quick Friday Reads Post

So, it's going to be frigid here at The Farm this weekend and I have one or two small errands to run, but hopefully I can get some reading done this weekend.  Of course, I will also be gearing up to watch The Walking Dead mid-season premier Sunday night so........
Happy Valentine's Day!  Zombies for everyone!

Of course the husband and I are making bets on who dies because come on, a premier on Valentine's Day?  You know the show is twisted enough that someone, or maybe several characters, are going to die.

I am in the middle of Dying for A Cupcake and since I usually get through cozy mysteries pretty fast, I may have time for something else.  I have a few graphic novels I need to get through, but I am also thinking about picking up The Changing Season or Welcome to Night Vale.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Have fun with your Walking Dead Premiere, not ever watched it. :) Enjoy your reads!

  2. I cannot wait to watch The Walking Dead again. We have to wait until Monday when it is available through Amazon since we don't have cable. I hope nobody that I like dies. Enjoy your books!

  3. Walking Dead Mid-season premiere?!?! It's things like this that make me happy that I'm dog sitting for the in laws - access to the Walking Dead!! Who are your bets for dying? (I'm a few months behind so pleeeasse don't tell me who has already died :'( )

    I feel like some cozy mysteries lack the pizzazz (?) to keep the readers attention.. I hope yours gets better <3

    1. No spoiler, I wouldn't do that to you. However, I've always threatened to stop watching if Daryl ever dies.I usually like cozies with a supernatural element. What kind of dog are you sitting?

  4. Sooooo, I DID NOT expect that death. Have you watched it yet?!?

    Turns out I was not too far behind. I had to skip Ep 8 (apparently On Demand removed it for the premiere).

    They would be crazy to let Daryl die. He's been amazing since the beginning and you just can't do that. It's like letting Carl die. Just not cool.

    I think she's a Maltese, but not really sure. What I consider a grandma dog :) Small, lovable, good with kids.

    I'm into bigger dogs personally. The bf has a pit bull. Nice dog, but does not play well with others unfortunately :(
    I adore your dog's colors (or the one in your photo). Looks like a sweetie :) How many do you have?

    1. Yeah, I knew the one would die, but not the other related ones. It was a pretty good episode.

      We have two boxers - Booker T and Cassius. We have had 5 total over the past 24 years. My husband and I are both big dog people too. I like small dogs, they just aren't my preference. They are both spoiled rotten!