Thursday, March 9, 2017

Weekly Reads (03/10/17)

So it's been another pretty uneventful week here at The Farm which is always a good thing.  The weather is still bipolar at best and we are expecting a cold snap and some flurries over the weekend.  I won't complain because it's been a mild winter but this up and down stuff is getting to be norm which probably isn't good in the long run.  The pups are fine.  Booker T's puncture wounds beneath his leg (doggy armpit) finally healed over so we are happy.  Also, Mr. Barb started his final 2 classes before graduation (#almostoverit).

Not a big movie week as we've had a hard time finding anything we really want to watch.  We did rent "Bleed for This" and I understand it was a true story and all that but I didn't really care much for it.  We finished watching "Taboo" and I'm STILL not sure what it was all about.  We kept saying "One more episode..." to decide if we liked it and before we knew it, the show was over.  I guess if it's renewed we'll have to watch "One more episode" to see if we want to continue.  "Bates Motel" continues to be hitting it out of the ballpark though and I finally finished watching all 103 episodes of "Parenthood."

I've finished up some books lately but nothing has been really spectacular.  I'm hoping this coming week changes that trend and he's what's up on the stack next.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and as usual, thanks for visiting The Farm!


  1. Your next reads all look interesting so fingers crossed they work better for you. i had to break off my monsters month to read a plain apocalypse book for an author review so need to get back into some zombies today! I'm so glad it's been a decent week with poor Booker T healing up fully. That is certainly good news. Poor guy! Good luck to Mr Barb!

    1. It's always a good time for zombies. Booker T is ready to go run and play at his favorite field again. Mr. Barb was making him wait until his punctures fully closed. Thanks for the good luck wishes for hubby. So far, this job is so much better than the last!

  2. Greedy Pigs looks like it has potential to make me laugh. I am looking forward to it.

  3. oh my I have to say those covers are deliciously horrifying Barb! Glad you had an good old uneventful week :) So happy to hear Booker T is doing better :)

  4. I'm glad Booker T is feeling better, poor guy. I am going to fall into a deep sadness when the last episode of Bates Motel is aired. That show is pure perfection. If you're looking for something funny and very gory give Santa Clarita Diet a look-see on Netflix. We just binged the whole thing and thought it was a pretty terrific dark comedy.

  5. Greedy Pigs! I'll probably read that later this spring closer to release. I hope I'll like it as much as Idle Ingredients.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. We've been hopping through pilot episodes of series to see if there is anything we want to stick with. I agree with Bark, did you ever watch Santa Clarita Diet? Hubs and I binged the whole thing very quickly.