Thursday, October 3, 2019

Monsterathon Challenge #3 - Mad Lib

So for challenge #3, we are visiting a mad lib tale. We were to fill in the blanks using one of our challenge reads which has over 300 pages.  I decided to use the last physical book I read which just happened to be "Bunny."  And yep, my tale ended up just as confusing as the book it was taken from!

I'm calling my tale - Attack of the killer Bunny!

No one ever went into the house on DARK Lane.  Everyone knew it was haunted.  At all hours if the day and night, you could hear LARGE screaming and the sounds of someone or something GRIPPING.

One time, someone insisted they saw a BUNNY looking out at them from the attic window.  Another person said they saw a DUTCHMAN jump off the roof and fly into the sky.

All of the villagers stayed away for fear some monster would come out and DO them.  Until a LATE villager named SMACKIE decided they were going to go in and see what all the fuss was about.

"What makes you think you'll come out alive?" The villagers asked them.


So they turned from the village and BRAIDED up to the house.  The door of the house opened UNCERTAINLY and SMACKIE walked in.

The first thing SMACKIE saw was darkness.  Then, out of the corner of their eye, a MONKEY.  They screamed and STARED into the next room, but something even more terrifying was waiting for them there: a BOOK.

SMACKIE EXPLODED out of the house screaming "OH BUNNY, I LOVE YOU."  This GESTERED all the villagers.

They tried to forget what SMACKIE said but it haunted them for the rest of their days.

The End.

And yes, "Bunny" will be haunting me for some time as well.