Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Flame Tree Press Tour - Queen of the Cicadas


TITLE: Queen of the Cicadas
AUTHOR: V. Castro
PUBLISHER: Flame Tree Press
PUBLISHING DATE: June 22, 2021
PAGES: 256

SYNOPSIS: 2018 - Belinda Alvarez has returned to Texas for the wedding of her best friend Veronica. The farm is the site of the urban legend,La Reina de Las Chicharras - The Queen of The Cicadas.

In 1950s south Texas a farm worker- Milagros from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is murdered. Her death is ignored by the town, but not the Aztec goddess of death, Mictecac√≠huatl. The goddess hears the dying cries of Milagros and creates a plan for both to be physically reborn by feeding on vengeance and worship. 

Belinda and the new owner of the farmhouse - Hector, find themselves immersed in the legend and realize it is part of their fate as well.

MY THOUGHTS:  I could make this review really short and just tell you that if you love horror, you need to read this book.  But I'll break it down a tad further.  Belinda travels to Texas for the wedding of her best friend.  She has recently lost her job and is questioning a lot of her life choices.  Belinda soon discovers that the farm B&B where the wedding is taking place was the site of a horrible tragedy in the 1950s.  Drawn to this tragedy in part because of her own heritage and in part because she has found a new friend in the farm's owner, Hector, Belinda sets out to right the wrongs which were done years ago and face the terrors which may await.

I immediately took a liking to Belinda.  She is a flawed character but is very open about her flaws and doesn't pull any punches.  The book is formatted in current day events with Belinda and Hector and flashbacks to the history of Milagros and her brutal murder.  

Parts of this book were truly terrifying and I honestly love to see this made into a motion picture.  Castro's descriptions were horrifying and beautiful - often at the same time.  I loved learning of the legend of La Reina de Las Chicharras and I couldn't read this book fast enough.  Rarely am I disappointed from Flame Tree Press but this book deserves to be shouted about.  So I'm shouting - READ IT NOW!

I can't wait to read more from V. Castro and she is a horror voice to be reckoned with!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Violet Castro was born in San Antonio, Texas to Mexican American parents. Since Violet was a child, she wrote short horror stories and was always fascinated with dark fiction beginning with Mexican folklore and the urban legends of Texas. At eighteen Violet left Texas for Philadelphia to attend Drexel University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and History. 

Violet now lives with her family in the U.K. writing and travelling with her children. She tries to return to the US twice a year to see her parents, three sisters and extended family. 

For More information about her books and other publications, please visit www.vvcastro.com. You can also follow her on Twitterand Instagram @vlatinalondon. 


  1. I've heard so many good things about this author. I definitely need to read this one!

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