Thursday, June 10, 2021

Random Things Tour - The Cursed Girls


TITLE:  The Cursed Girls
AUTHOR: Caro Ramsay
PUBLISHER: Black Thorn
PAGES: 256

Megan Melvick has returned home after a three-year absence to visit her dying sister, Melissa, for the last time. As she approaches the grand Scottish country estate where she grew up, the memories come flooding back. Just what did happen on the night of Melissa's wedding five years before? Where has Megan and Melissa's mother disappeared to? And why does Melissa whisper that solitary word before she finally slips away: Sorry. 
In order to overcome her demons, Megan must confront her painful recollections of that terrible night, the night of Melissa's wedding. The night somebody died. But can she really trust her memories? And who is so determined that she should forget?

MY THOUGHTS:  If you are looking for a slower-paced unpredictable, atmospheric read with an intense family dynamic then look no further!  I wasn't sure what I expected when I picked this book up but it surely wasn't the fact that I would devour its contents in less than 24 hours.  Megan Melvick is returning home to her elite family estate because her sister Melissa is dying.  Right from the beginning Ramsay clues the reader into that everything may not be what it appears and then weaves a tale and gives more bite to a story than I ever expected.  We have a missing mother, a dying sister, an elusive father who may love art more than his children, mysterious household staff and a character who I came across to me as a ghost - at least initially.

I really enjoyed this book and although I will warn that its definitely on the slower-paced side, the pacing completely fits the story and actually lent itself to the mysterious atmosphere.  I'm not sure I ever really loved any of the characters, but boy was I interested in them and what secrets they held.
If this sound like something you're interested in, then I definitely recommend you give it a go.  And might I add that I found it to be a perfect rainy day read!



Caro Ramsay is the Glaswegian author of the critically acclaimed Anderson and Costello series, the first of which, Absolution, was shortlisted for the CWA's New Blood Dagger for best debut of the year. The ninth book in the series, The Suffering of Strangers, was longlisted for the McIlvanney Prize 2018.


  1. Thanks for the blog tour support x

  2. Sometimes a slow pace is much better for the story. I think this sounds really good😁

  3. I'm intrigued! And slower pacing isn't always a bad thing.