Sunday, October 15, 2023

Farm News - October 15, 2023


So, I didn't manage to get many posts up this week but that's okay.  I managed to survive my work retreat and other than a long drive home Wednesday which seemed to get longer the further I traveled, it went pretty well.  We visited a local salt cave which was very relaxing and then of course, participated in the obligatory team building exercises.  At least it's over for a while.

Apollo had his vet appointment Friday.  What we thought was a bug bite on his front forearm (do dogs have forearms?) keeps coming back.  It's weird because sometimes it's about the size of a dime, others it's the size of a nickel.  Sometimes you don't see it at all.  The vet agrees it needs to come off but he wants it at its largest so he can make sure to get it all since boxers are so prone to cancer.  The vet is confident it's early enough that it shouldn't be an issue, but we have to wait until it is prominent one day, call, and then his techs will work him into the schedule the next day.  Of course, we have to hope it's still there the next day.  So right now it's a game of "where's the bump."  I just want it removed so we can move on. Apollo is doing fine though and is enjoyng the cooler, more snuggling-conducive weather.

I also managed to finish 2 books so far this weekend and hope to get a third mostly completed this afternoon.  I made a quick trip to the library Saturday and grabbed a few holds.  Let Him In is a debut horror novel I've been seeing around, and that cover is so eerie.  I'm very curious about A Haunting on the Hill and Midnight Showing is the sequel to Malice House, which I absolutely loved when I picked it up earlier this year. 

I also had some Kindle Rewards credits to I used them to snag a few anticipated reads this week. It was basically a reward for surviving the week.  Frost Bite is a horror set in the 1990s, has a snowy North Dakota setting and features an army of infected prairie dogs.  I had to get it!  Less Than Human was a special Cemetary Dance was running one day.  I love that published and for $0.99, I couldn't resist.  And finally, I've been seeing The Pumpkin Spice Cafe everywhere, so I had to jump on the bandwagon.  Did you know the writer actually used the pen name Gilmore so the book might appeal more to Gilmore Girls fans?  Interesting huh?

That leads us to the currently reading stack.  I am still working on It and got a big chunk of it read Monday while I was off for a holiday.  I am now reading Beastly Bones which is the second in the Jackaby series as well as There's No Way I'd Die First which is for an on-line book club discussion next Sunday.

So I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.  Look for a couple of reviews this week as well as an exciting book coming up Wednesday on Feed Your TBR (Waiting on Wednesday).  


  1. Yay you survived your week. I hope things go well with Apollo.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  2. Glad to hear you survived your work retreat. I hope you can get that bump on Apollo's arm removed soon, hopefully it shows up and is still there the next day for the surgery. That's good he's doing fine and enjoying the more cuddle conducive weather.

    That's nice you got some new books for surviving the week.The Pumpkin Spice Cafe sounds good! I hope your next week is a good one!

  3. All your books this week look wonderfully spooky and October-ish! And I hope everything goes well with Apollo, and they are able to remove the lump.

  4. I am glad that you survived your work retreat. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I hope that you can get Apollo's surgery done soon. Waiting is not any fun. I hope that you have a wonderful week!

  5. Good luck with Apollo and his bump, that sounds a bit stressful! And thanks for reminding me I need to read Frost Bite. I actually have an eARC but I forgot it comes out this month, oops. Have a good week, Barb!

  6. Nice stuff for October! I wanted to get Malice House and still need to. Good luck with Apollo- I hope that goes well whenever it happens.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. I am glad you survived your work retreat, Barb. I would hate having to go to one. I believe the managers in my agency sometimes have to do stuff like that, but luckily those of us on the lower rung don't. Although, the salt cave does sound relaxing.

    I hope Apollo's bump isn't cancerous. Hopefully it can be taken care of sooner than later. The logistics of getting him in when it's bigger sound complicated. Hopefully it works out without too much trouble.

    You have so many great books going! I hope you have a great week and enjoy your reading, Barb.

  8. I, too, and glad you survived your work retreat. I can handle lunch with my co-workers, but not anything else. And I hope you're able to get Apollo taken care of soon! Best wishes for this upcoming week.

  9. I'm glad you survived your work trip. You have a nice looking bunch of books that all look too scary for me. I hope you enjoy the ones on the stack. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  10. Poor Apollo! I hope they can get it figured out soon and take it off. Hopefully it isn't anything that is actually cancer! You got some good scary books this week! Enjoy!

  11. Hmm, so weird about Apollo's bump! I wonder if it's like a benign cyst under the skin that just keeps getting infected which is why it seems to be disappearing and coming back? Good luck with the vet!

  12. I hope you can get Apollo's leg situated ASAP. 😌

    I'm 22 points away from my next reward on Amazon, but I have 80 points expiring on November first. 😐 I didn't know they expired like that. 🤔

    I need to get to the Jackaby books. Between Kindle $1.99 specials and ARCs I think I have them all. 😄

    I hope your week started out well. ☀