Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mr. Mutt Rocks!

Hey guys, it's me Booker T Boxer and Mom is letting me do the post today and I am thrilled to bring to you an update.  Cassius and I have been trying to avoid the spring/summer heat and allergens but it hasn't been easy.  We also recently got a new "ride" which I might note we haven't even been inside of yet.  Mom and I recently read a children's book about Mr. Mutt, which I loved.  Since Mom says this book is more on my level, whatever that means, I get to do the entire review!

TITLE: Help Me, Mr. Mutt - Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems
AUTHOR: Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
PUBLISHER: HMH Books for Young Readers
PUBLISHING DATE: April 1, 2008

FROM GOODREADS: Responding to disgruntled dogs nationwide, Mr. Mutt, Canine Counselor, has solutions to the most sticky dilemmas. But Mr. Mutt has his own problem to solve: the cat (aka The Queen), who has her own idea of who’s in charge. Now Mr. Mutt is the one who needs help--quick!
Through letters and newspaper clippings--and with plenty of their trademark humor--Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel give voice to despairing dogs everywhere.


I love Mr. Mutt.  First let me say that the artwork was colorful and caught my attention so I am sure any child would love it.  Also, Mr. Mutt has some very practical advice for dogs and how to deal with their people problems, and let's admit, all dogs have people problems at one time or another.  I don't know where Mr. Mutt got his counseling degree, but his advice is "spot on."  Mr. Mutt also discusses his own problems with a cat, which I found very helpful.  There are a few cats who run my neighborhood and invade my property from time to time and I wish they would stay on their own turf.  One even killed Cassius' baby birds which was up so high we thought they would be safe (Cassius is an expert bird watcher but don't tell him I paid him a compliment - it might go to his head).  Overall, if you are a fan of dogs, love dogs, or are a dog yourself, definitely check out Mr. Mutt.


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