Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dear Clementina - Who Knew Dogs Wrote Letters???

TITLE: Dear Clemetina
AUTHOR: Colin Burke
PUBLISHER: Troubador Publishing Ltd.
PUBLISHING DATE: October 28, 2015

FROM GOODREADS:  “I was starting to doubt that I’d ever enjoy canine company again, and you being a twelve-week old Border Terrier pup like me made our meeting especially good.”

A chance meeting between two twelve-week-old puppies in a Manchester park leads to a series of letters from young Stanley to his new friend Clementina. Based on true events viewed through canine eyes, this work is a collection of that correspondence, and reflects upon the quirky world of humans, dogs and the interaction between the two.

With a comic perception that is perhaps only afforded to innocent observers, each letter stands alone as a testimony to Stanley’s efforts to comprehend the mysteries of life that confront young pups in their carefree progress throughout their first year. From human vanity to intrusive vets to pesky cats, from basic bodily functions to the high-blown appreciation of modern art, Stanley keeps Clementina in the picture as he steers his way relentlessly, if not always smoothly, through the challenges that life throws at him, culminating in his first birthday party.

In this deliciously humorous work, wittily illustrated by W.H. Mather, readers will delight not only in recognising their own pets, but also themselves and their fellow dog walkers. But you don’t have to be a dog-owner to appreciate Stanley’s letters as their comedy will appeal to everybody. And anybody contemplating getting a puppy should take advantage of Stanley’s wit and insight to help them in taking that fateful step of joining the ranks of the dog-owning fraternity. Pick up Stanley’s narrative and immerse yourself in the humorous, blossoming friendship of two adorable Border Terrier puppies!

This book was super cute. While I received my ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I really believe that this is a book better read in actual form. Stanley is a 12 week old Border Terrier puppy who documents his first year with his new parents through letters to his pup pal, Clementina. Stanley's take on life is sometimes downright hilarious. He has some interesting views on the other dogs at the dog park, his retired owners pub crawls with his friends, hiking, going to the vet and stripping - yes, stripping. Stanley gets in a few predicaments and practically scares his grandmother to death with a toy alligator. Anyone who has raised a puppy will love seeing puppyhood from this pup's point of view.  I don't think any dog lover could go wrong with this book.



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    1. Yeah, I don't necessarily think that is an adequate depiction of Stanley. He is much happier, although sometimes confused, in the book. Maybe that is his confused look.

  2. Oh that is the cutest cover even though he does look Sounds like a cute book! :)