Friday, December 20, 2019

A Very Seasonal Read - A Wedding on Christmas Street

TITLE: A Wedding on Christmas Street
AUTHOR: Ivy Pembroke
PUBLISHING DATE: Out now but only in the UK (that I can find)


Sam is about to propose to his girlfriend Libby, and his neighbours in Christmas Street all think they know the right way to do it. With their 
help - and sometimes hinderance - Sam gains a fiancée and the wedding planning begins.

Meanwhile, Sam's nine-year-old son Teddy and his friend Pari - with their constant companion Jack the street dog - are fascinated by the arrival of a mysterious new neighbour on the street who has rented the empty, run-down house. Their attempts to spy on her are thwarted by her staying indoors with the curtains drawn most of the time. But soon Christmas Street begins to work its magic and Millie is reluctantly drawn into street activities. 

As Millie starts to relax into thinking she can have a different life, maybe even with Jasper, the local carpenter, someone turns up from her past to threaten that. But with all of the street looking out for her, Millie's Christmas will be filled with hope and promise. 

MY THOUGHTS: Earlier this year I feel in love with A Dog Called Jack (you can find that review HERE). Then I learned there was a second one coming, so I proceeded to stalk the internet until I was able to find a release date overseas.  I actually preordered this book from Book Depository which should tell you how excited I was since I rarely preorder books. It arrived at the end of October and I purposely saved it for the holiday season and I'm glad I did!

Once again the reader is pulled into a little area of world called Christmas Street.  The area is quite magical and makes me long for a small, quaint neighborhood where people get along and lifetime friendships are made.  Again, that says a lot since I'm basically a homebody.  So when the book starts, we have fast-forwarded through some time.  Libby is now living with Sam, who is anxious to propose and make everything official.  The kids have started a new grade and have a new teacher, and they have taken it upon themselves to become neighborhood spies.  There is a secretive new lady living in an older house on the street and a new handyman that has been "adopted" by the residents.  And I can't forget to mention Libby's mother who comes to visit.  She is totally every new husband's nightmare mother-in-law.

Just like the first book, A Wedding on Christmas Street was a good mixture of drama and humor.  There were some very lighthearted parts as well as some serious issues the author chose to tackle.  But whether the street was celebrating or in turmoil, they were doing it together.  The friendships between an unlikely group of individuals is one of the things that Pembroke makes shine. I really can't think of any character I didn't like (well, the mother-in-law came close) and again, my favorite would have to be the grumpy old widow Bill.  I love his cynicism and his grouchy exterior because he also has a soft interior which awaits discovery.

Finally there is Jack.  I love Jack and while he is still the bond that holds the street together, he wasn't as prevalent as in the first book.  Jack is still the street dog and everyone takes on a responsibility for him and while he is still around, of course you could guess that I wanted more.  I do love that on most nights, Jack chose to sleep at Bill's.  See, dogs CAN sense good human beings.

So overall A Wedding on Christmas Street was a perfect read for this time of year.  I will be honest and admit I didn't quite love it as much as the first novel, but it is still a very strong and vert enjoyable read.



  1. I do love these kinds of books this time of year. Too bad it's only out in the UK.

  2. Sounds like it is keeping up a good standard overall! It seems like maybe a bit more Jack is needed!

    1. Yes, you nailed it. It did need more Jack.

  3. Replies
    1. It is and actually the kind of neighborhood I wished I lived in.

  4. I am so glad that this was such a good read for you, Barb. It is great when a book you really wanted to read works out so well.

    1. I know. It didn't disappoint and was a perfect Christmas read.