Thursday, November 9, 2023

Just What I Needed - Another Series


TITLE: Enchanted to Meet You (Witches of West Harbor #1)
AUTHOR: Meg Cabot
PUBLISHING DATE: September 5, 2023
PAGES: 368   
SOURCE: Library

FROM GOODREADS: In her teenage years, lovelorn Jessica Gold cast a spell that went disastrously wrong, and brought her all the wrong kind of attention—as well as a lifetime ban from the World Council of Witches. 
So no one is more surprised than Jess when, fifteen years later, tall, handsome WCW member Derrick Winters shows up in her quaint little village of West Harbor and claims that Jess is the Chosen One. 
She’s the Chosen One - not chosen by West Harbor’s snobby elite to style them for the town’s tricentennial ball—though Jess owns the chicest clothing boutique in town. And not chosen finally to be on the WCW, either—not that Jess would have said yes, anyway, since she’s done with any organization that tries to dictate what makes a “true” witch. No, Jess has been chosen to help save West Harbor itself... 
As Summer Ends, Her Power Grows But just when Jess is beginning to think that she and Derrick might have a certain magic of their own—and not of the supernatural variety—Jess learns he may not be who she thought he was. And suddenly Jess finds herself having to trust Derrick and work with him to combat the sinister force battling to bring down West Harbor, or use her gift as she always to keep herself, and her heart, safe. Can she work her magic in time?

This is a book I had really hoped to read before Halloween season ended but I just couldn't squeeze it in.  However, I made time to read it last weekend and I'm glad I did.  

Jess and her tight-knit group of friends, have all landed back at West Harbor after college and figuring out what they want to do with their lives.  Jess and her bestie have been practicing witches since they were in school, and Jess cast a love spell on the high school football star.  The spell backfired, or so they thought it did, and ended up creating a life-long enemy on the girl who wanted to guy all to herself. Jess is now running her own clothing boutique and her friend is an attorney.  One day a hot, biker guy enters her store and tells her she is the Chosen One and without her help, the town of West Harbor will cease to exist.  All she has to do is find the Bringer of Light, who just happens to be an Emo high schooler, and together battle the evil forces.

I really liked so much about this book. The friend group/found family is awesome, and Jess and Derrick have enough angst and tension between them to make them an interesting couple and even though there was a definite attraction from the start, it wasn't necessarily an insta-love situation.  I also liked the young girl Jess has to train.  The witchy elements were fun and there were a few unforeseen twists I didn't see coming.

The main thing that didn't work for me and why the rating fell a bit was the ending was kind of anti-climactic.  It's built up to be this big battle at the end of good vs. evil and it just didn't deliver.  But hey, at least there were magical wolves. 

So, if you are looking for a rom-com with some paranormal elements and a book you don't have to concentrate on too hard to enjoy, this might be one you want to consider.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment.



  1. I didn't know Meg Cabot was writing a witchy series. This sounds like fun! :D

  2. This sounds like an interesting read. I always get bummed when a book builds up to what's supposed to be this huge thing, only for it to be quickly resolved in the end. It sucks that that was the case with this story.

  3. I've never heard of this series, but it sounds like fun. Sometimes you just need something lighter to read😁