Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 2015 Wrap Up

Wow.  Time sure it flying.  Seems like March disappeared in no time at all.  I managed to read quite a bit this month, but not all of it was on my TBR so you could say I strayed some.  Oh well, it is a hobby so I am not going to stress out about it too much.  I almost finished one more book but couldn't stay up any later last night.  Oh well, there is always tonight.  Anyway, here is a recap of what I read.  You can click on the link and it should take you to my Goodreads review.  Most were featured here as well, but not all.

Giant George: Life With the World's Biggest Dog: Dave Nasser
A Hundred Pieces of Me: Lucy Dillon
Housewitch: Katie Schickel
The Forever Girl: Rebecca Hamilton
Spirits, Stilettos and a Silver Bustier: Deanna Chase
Sex Criminals Vol. 1: One Weird Trick: Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
Hold Tight: Cherie Colyer
Spirit Me Away: A Gus LeGarde Mystery: Aaron Paul Lazar
There Will Be Lies: Nick Lake

I am pleasantly surprised that I read 8 novels and 1 graphic novel this month.  I had two 2-star reads, one 3-star read, four 4-star reads, and two 5-star reads.  Not too shabby.  I managed to review two dog related books meeting my monthly goal (and Booker T added his reviews too).  I also managed to review two author requests and one negalley eARC.  The TBR jar is temporarily dead as I am now 2 months behind on my picks.  I am skipping it for April in hopes I can get excited about doing it again in May.  Finally, I am 10 books ahead on my Good reads challenge and have read 26 books this year already.  So far so good.  Next month I need to work on my Hail to the King Stephen King challenge and my personal Series Completion challenge.

How did you guys do last month?  Let me know so I can check out your blog and thanks for visiting me and Booker T!

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  1. I had so many plans for having a themed month for my reading but I changed my mind due to that recent reading slump. The plan now is to just go by mood reading and grab what I feel like reading as I finish each book. So I started April with The Godfather!