Friday, April 10, 2015

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

TITLE: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
AUTHOR: Paige McKenzie
PUBLISHER: Weinstein Books
PUBLISHING DATE: March 24, 2015 (out now)

FROM GOODREADS: Based on the wildly popular YouTube channel, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl has been described as “ Gilmore Girls meets Paranormal Activity for the new media age.” YA fans new and old will learn the secrets behind Sunshine—the adorkable girl living in a haunted house—a story that is much bigger, and runs much deeper, than even the most devoted viewer can imagine…

MY THOUGHTS:  I found this book to be rather surprising as I went into it not expecting much. For a YA horror novel, there were some parts which were very suspenseful. I also found the lore regarding Sunshine's supernatural abilities to be a fresh take on a much done subject.

What I liked most about this book was the characters. I actually grew to care about what happened to them, especially Sunshine's mother. In addition, this book is full of kooky individuals - some real, and some not, which only adds to its flavor.

I am sure by the way that it ended, there is another book in the works. I enjoyed this one enough to pick it up if there is. I have never checked out the youtube channel which sprouted this novel, and I really don't know that I will. I fear it might somehow spoil my impressions and leave me questioning whether or not I want more. This is a great first novel by Ms. McKenzie and I am thankful for netgalley for a chance to read and review it.


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