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A Tail of Hope's Faith - Review

TITLE: A Tail of Hope's Faith
AUTHOR: Diane Weinmann
PUBLISHER: Balboa Press
PUBLISHING DATE: December 18, 2014

Once love blooms it never dies.

When traditional veterinary medicine did not offer any help, one family learns the true meaning of dedication, love, and a promise kept by talking with their pet, using the phenomenon of telepathic animal communication.

Learn how talking and applying holistic healing will help your pet when that heart-wrenching time arrives. Read this story and you will find answers to provide the best care for your furry family member.

“A Tail of Hope’s Faith” proves beyond doubt that death is not an end. We already know that your animal family member will always live on in your heart, mind, and life. Be assured you will always be together as a love so strong will endure forever.

“A Tail of Hope’s Faith” is a love story between a dog and her family as they experience physical and emotional healing beyond their wildest imagination, which brings them full circle with life itself.

What would you do and how far would you go for your furry family member? What could you learn if you would just listen?

MY THOUGHTSFirst thing I need to say is if you are going to read this book, go into it with an open mind. Weinmann is skilled in the art of pet communication and practices holistic healing. That is not to say she frowns upon veterinary practices, but she believes additional things can be done to help the animals in people's lives. The book goes in depth about healing with colors (color harmonics), Reiki healing and HTA (healing touch for animals).

This book is a true story about a dog named Hope and what lengths her family will go to in order to make her life more comfortable when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is clear from early on in the book that Hope is well-loved and cherished. I found it wonderful how much the people in her life loved her and how Wienmann went above and beyond to help Hope with her illness. In addition, the book is a nice mixture of heart-felt story and explanation of Weinmann's healing techniques.

Having lost 2 of my boxers to cancer, at times this book was particularly hard to read. I understand some of what Hope's family was going through and know the importance of trying to get you beloved family member through another cherished family holiday (for us, we wanted Cooper to have a birthday party to end all parties!). I also respect that when the time came, Hope's mother Roseanne made the decision all pet lovers hate to make. On a side note thought, the vet that wouldn't allow Roseanne to hold Hope as she was passing is dirt in my book. I have never heard of such a thing or else I just live a sheltered life and really have a wonderful vet. Enough of a rant.

As I said, don't read this book if you are not an animal lover and wouldn't walk through fire for your pets. You simply won't enjoy it. I think it's ok to read if you are skeptical about holistic practices. I was and while I don't know if I would I would try everything listed in the book, there are some I wouldn't hesitate to give a go. And whether you agree or not, I like to believe some people are gifted enough to communicate with animals. I am so attached to mine that I believe we understand each other so really this extra step isn't that hard to buy into. I know I would love to have Wienmann ask some questions of my 2 pups, although I might be afraid of what they say.


COYER SCAVENGER HUNT #27 - Read a nonfiction book that is not an autobiography.

BOOKER T's THOUGHTS:  I really enjoyed hearing about Hope.  I lost one of my closest "brothers" to cancer and I know some of what she went through.  Hope was pretty (Mom showed me the pictures), brave and inspiring.  She fought hard to be with her family.  Hope gets 20 paws from me (that's 4 from me and 4 from each of my other 4 "brothers" - even though I never met one of them.  Mom always says I have some of all her and Dad's dogs in them and I would like to think that is possible. 

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