Friday, August 28, 2015

Dog Days of Summer Read-a-thon!

I will be participating in the read-a-thon starting tomorrow which is being hosted as part of the COYER summer reading challenge.  The challenge is winding down, with next week being the last week, but I can say it was a fun way to spend time this summer.  This read-a-thon has to meet all COYER requirements (be a legally acquired book - no library books) and have an animal on the cover.  Any follower of my blog knows that isn't a hard so here's what I hope to read next week - and yes, I know I am being ambitious.

It's a great time to knock this graphic novel out of the way! 
Need to get this one read anyway.  
It's hard to tell but there is a dog on that cover - he is in all the books!  

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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