Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Reads (08/05/16)

It was still a hot week here at the farm but at least it wasn't as bad as last week so in comparison, it's actually felt cooler.  Overall it was pretty uneventful.  The husband is getting ready to finish his last year of on-line classes for his Bachelor's Degree and I am super proud of him.  The pups are doing well but Cassius hasn't been eating like he normally does.  I think it's just the heat but we've been keeping an eye on him.

It's basically been a bust on the movie front.  We watched "Meet the Blacks" which was funny in some areas and downright stupid in others.  We also watched "Summer Camp" - a cheesy horror movie.  It wasn't super bad, but it wasn't really good either.  Anyone who watches B horror knows what I mean.  At least I recognized some of the actors.

I hope to get some of my TBR knocked off this week and here's what is in line next to be picked up:

The Language of Dying Rat Queens Vol. 3 The Couple Next Door Repo Madness

So do you have any special plans this week? A lot of schools are starting next week so I bet a lot of parents will be doing back to school stuff here.


  1. I hope poor Cassius feels better soon...warm weather can be so miserable for dogs. And humans like me. Maybe I'm part dog...I haven't got any reading done this week or anything watched. With the Olympics starting I doubt I'll get anything productive done for 16 days!

    1. I don't think Cassius is really sick, he's just the only dog I've owned that when he is done eating, he will leave food in his bowl. I gave him some pepto this morning so that will help if there are any stomach issues going on. I'm not HUGE on the Olympics but we will probably watch some of it. I'm more of a football fan. Hope you enjoy it though!