Monday, July 10, 2023

This Was So Much Fun!


TITLE: In Nightfall
AUTHOR: Suzanne Young
PUBLISHER: Delacorte Press
PAGES: 384   
SOURCE:Own Library


In the quaint town of Nightfall, Oregon, it isn't the dark you should be afraid of—it's the girls. The Lost Boys meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this propulsive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Treatment. 
Theo and her brother, Marco, threw the biggest party of the year. And got caught. Their punishment? Leave Arizona to spend the summer with their grandmother in the rainy beachside town of Nightfall, Oregon—population 846 souls. 
The small town is cute, when it’s not raining, but their grandmother is superstitious and strangely antisocial. Upon their arrival she lays out the one house rule: always be home before dark. But Theo and Marco are determined to make the most of their summer, and on their first day they meet the enigmatic Minnow and her friends. Beautiful and charismatic, the girls have a magnetic pull that Theo and her brother can't resist. 
But Minnow and her friends are far from what they appear. And that one rule? Theo quickly realizes she should have listened to her grandmother. Because after dark, something emerges in Nightfall. And it doesn’t plan to let her leave. 

MY THOUGHTS: While recently off on vacation, I really wanted to read something which might be light and fun.  I had tracked this book down on Pango recently as my library never got around to obtaining a copy so one night, I grabbed it on a whim.  I am so glad I did.  Not only was it the fun read I was looking for, but it is also in my opinion, a perfect summer read.

After throwing an out-of-control party at the end of school, Theo and Marco are forced to travel with their father to visit a grandmother they have never seen in a little Oregon town called Nightfall.  Not only do they consider a summer in a small town a death sentence, but they also have tons of questions about why they've never met their grandmother before, why she has so many rules and odd superstitions, and why she wants they home before dark.  Theo and Marco begin to break the rules almost suddenly and are quickly welcomed into the inner circle of some glamorous townies.  However, they may have "bit" off more than they bargained for.

If you have ever seen Lost Boys, then you will probably be able to see everything coming in the novel long before it materializes.  This has to be the author's love letter to that movie because it's basically just a gender-swapped version of it.  All that is missing is the kick-ass soundtrack which if you've seen the movie as much as I have, you'll hear it in your mind as you are reading.  But since I ADORE the movie, I had a blast with In Nightfall.

I will add that there were a few standouts for me.  The relationship between Theo and her brother Marco is awesome and so fully developed.  She has so much trouble accepting what is happening to him and has such a drive to rescue him as the book progresses.  Young really fleshed out the special bond these 2 siblings had.  Also, the grandmother, loving called Nonna, is such a treat.  She's odd and mysterious and definitely not one to mess with. She is definitely going on my favorite character list.

So if you are craving a fun, vampy read, definitely consider giving this book a chance.  I couldn't have picked up a better time to read it and it will remain a fond memory of the Summer 2023 Stay-cation!



  1. Not my thing but glad to hear it was great for you!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. This sounds awesome! Lost Boys is one of my favorite vampire movies, so an ode to the movie in book form sounds perfect😁

  3. I love the movie Lost Boys, too, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this book. :D

  4. This sounds like an absolute blast! Somehow I have not yet watched Lost Boys if you can believe it.