Thursday, June 6, 2024

Cute Dogs For the Win!


TITLE: Pardon My Frenchie
AUTHOR: Farrah Rochon
PAGES: 384   

FROM GOODREADS: Ashanti Wright is ecstatic over the success of her dog boarding business, Barkingham Palace. In fact, it has become so successful that Ashanti has plans to expand her empire with a doggie bake shop. There’s just one problem, the building she’s had her eye on has just been sold to the surly grandson of one of her favorite customers.
Thaddeus Sims is not a dog person. He’s barely a person’s person. But when his grandmother is transferred to a senior living facility that doesn’t accept pets, the former army officer agrees to care for her annoying Standard Poodle, Puddin’. After all, it was with his grandmother’s help that Thad was able to buy the building that will soon house The PX, a sports bar/all-around hangout space for former servicemen that he plans to open. 
Puddin’ and Ashanti’s French Bulldog, Duchess, have become a bit of a sensation on Barkingham Palace’s livestream because of their budding romance. When a video of the dogs sharing a doggy treat Lady and the Tramp-style goes viral, their owners are sucked into a media frenzy that captures the nation by storm...and creates some sparks for their owners too.

MY THOUGHTS: I'm going to be honest; this book was a little dicey in the beginning and I was afraid it might be a total bomb.  The main love interest Thad initially comes across as a retired military jerk who hates dogs and resents having to care for his ailing grandmother's dog, Puddin'.  However, Rochon manages to mix together one of my favorite tropes, enemies-to-lovers, add a dash of closed proximity and finally throw in a big heaping spoonful of character development to pull out a win.  Oh, and did I mention cute dogs?

Ashanti Wright runs a booming doggy daycare business and has ventured into selling gourmet dog treats on the side.  She balances all of this with raising her two twin teenage sisters who are complete opposites and more than a handful at time.  Her Frenchie, Duchess, is in love with Puddin' a poodle, who is at the daycare regularly.  Ashanti loves Miss Frances, Puddin's owner, but when she has to enter an assisted living facility, her grandson Thad, who recently retired from the military, takes over her home and the care of her beloved pooch. 

As much as I ended up liking this book, the plot had a lot going on. Ashanti is trying to expand her business, including the bakery part, dodge her mean and shady Aunt who is looking for any "in" to take her sisters away from her, and figure out why one twin is avoiding her at practically all costs and refuses to talk to her about what is going one.  On the flip side, Thad is dealing with an adjustment to civilian life, trying to start a business with his best friend, a long-lost relative which could blow a lot of good childhood memories out of the water, learning how to care for a dog, and having feelings for Ashanti he doesn't want to accept.  The author did end up making it all work, but some elements felt rushed, and others could have been developed more.

All in all, though, Pardon My Frenchie was a quick read and Duchess and Puddin' were ADORABLE.  Thad managed to grow on me as his character developed and the ending was very satisfying.  I will say that my rating is reflective of some Duchess and Puddin' extra credit, but that's to be expected with me and books featuring dogs, right?  If you love pooch-centered romances, then give this one a go!



  1. I've enjoyed this author before. The different plot lines sound like a lot though.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. I'm glad this one turned out to be such a cute read. (And dogs do always make a book better.)