Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Ghost of Popcorn Hill

TITLE: The Ghost of Popcorn Hill
AUTHOR: Betty Ren Wright
PUBLISHER: Holiday House
PUBLISHING DATE: July 7, 2015 (reprint from 1993)

FROM GOODREADS: In this short-chapter winner of the IRA Children’s Choices, Peter and Martin enjoy living atop Popcorn Hill, except for two things: They long for a big dog and their cabin is haunted by a lonely ghost. They do get a frisky mutt named Rosie, but she’s not as big or as appealing as the stray sheepdog that has been roaming around outside. When the boys learn the sheepdog is a ghost, however, they devise a plan for bringing the two ghosts together. In the process, they learn to appreciate their real pet, Rosie.

I recently received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It looked like a cute republished children's books and since it had a dog on the cover I couldn't resist. As expected with an adult reading a children's book, I read it all in one sitting. In the book, the kids are wanting a big dog, but due to the budget and the size of their home, they end up getting a smaller dog. The book tells the story of how they boys get over their disappointment, with some drama and paranormal activity thrown in.

This would be a great book for a 2nd or 3rd grader and is considered a shorter chapter book. There are a few illustrations throughout which are wonderfully done and set me in mind of a simpler time. If you have children or love dogs, then this would be a great book to pick up for your home. Although I read it on my Kindle, I think the book and the illustrations make for a much better physical copy read.


COYER SCAVENGER HUNT #6 - Read a book with a cartoonish cover.

BOOKER T's THOUGHTS:  I enjoyed this book.  Mom said that it would be great for kids - guess Cass and I are chopped liver.  Rosie is a great dog with unappreciative, bratty kid owners so I give her 5 paws.  Buster is something else and would scare the doggy tail off me if I had one (read the book to find out why).  I give him 2 paws (although in the end I guess he was OK).



  1. You're dangerous for my TBR pile! This one sounds cute and I love the way you do your reviews.

    1. Glad you enjoy them Deborah. I try to review quite a mixture of book and have to work my pups in to the blog in some way. Thanks for visiting!

    2. I love it! It adds a neat touch to the reviews.

  2. This does sound really cute. Thanks for reviewing this one. :)