Friday, December 16, 2016

Weekly Reads (12/16/16) - The Christmas is Kicking My Butt Edition

I don't know why but every year I think I am getting an early start on the holidays and then every year, it seems I am doing things right down to the wire.  I have ALMOST all of my shopping done (except a small thing here or there that is no problem to grab on a lunch break or something) but nothing is wrapped.  The Christmas tree is going up Sunday during the Steeler game so that way I can knock two birds out with one stone (don't tell Cassius I mentioned knocking birds with anything him being a bird lover and all).  Seems likes there has been a tad bit of family drama going on - not in MY home though - but that's usually par for the course.  Is there something about Christmas that makes everyone crazy - me included?

We did watch two movies this week which was nice.  We ordered "Train to Busan" off Amazon streaming and I was very aware that it was a foreign zombie film - but hey, Stephen King said it was really good so we thought "why not?"  However, it had no freakin' subtitles - what's up with that.  Almost 2 hours of movie and I didn't understand a word they said. The plot appeared good and I actually didn't hate it but the last hour or so, I was making up my own dialog.  We also watched "Suicide Squad" and I LOVED IT!  Harley Quinn is my anti-hero!  She's so awesome.  And I really enjoyed Will Smith as Deadshot.  I highly recommend this movie and it has started my quest for a Harley Quinn POP! figurine.

So reading has been slow but I am about half way through with "The Most Dangerous Place on Earth." I'm really enjoying it but once it is done, I'm going to have to dive into my Christmas reads. This is what's up on the agenda this week (when I'm not wrapping...or baking cookies....or working....or, you get the idea!)

I can't resist that dog any longer and the last two will count for my Winter COYER challenge which starts tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I've heard very mixed things about Suicide Squad but I plan to watch it after it is out on dvd cheap. I've always been pretty organised over Christmas...when our family made a big deal of it, I had all my presents bought over the summer and wrapped by November! Now that I'm running the house, the Christmas food was in three-four weeks ago so no more shopping til the 28th! Yea! Just as well, with my dad in bed with a virus, coz I don't drive!

    Hi to Mr Barb and cuddles for the furry dudes!

  2. Yeah, it seems like a lot of people drink to much eggnog or something during the holidays and go I am more of a bah humbug so I don't fret or get excited and just can't wait for the January 1st.

    Those two Christmas reads look cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I feel your pain, Barb! I've had to put reading and blogging in the back seat this month, trying to get ready for Christmas, but it's been tough. Can I just say having a full time job SUCKS?? I hope you get more time to read soon. My light at the end of the tunnel is I have the week after Christmas off work, and my husband and kids are going on a trip that week. So I plan on reading until my eyeballs fall out!

  4. Well the same happens to me as far as thinking I am getting an and always having last minute stuff to do. However blogging and reading is GREAT for me during this time of the year. Or let's say not as bad as Fall is! LOL! I didn't get any reading or blogging done during the fall. That's why I had to simplify and change blogs and blog from my family blog now :)
    I hope you do get a lot done this next week so you can enjoy the holiday sand read a lot Barb! Hope you also have time to vissit my blog soon :)

  5. There is always drama going on in my extended family so I feel your pain. We wrap our gifts on Christmas Eve. It's kind a tradition now ;)

  6. I always wonder if other people have as much drama during the holidays. They make it look funny on TV. Not so when you experience it yourself? Ah well, it's family. LOL

  7. Don't feel bad, I always find myself in this situation too. Every time a holiday comes up, I feel like I'm ahead and prepared, but somehow I always fall behind again. I've been sick these past two weeks too so I'm sure that didn't help with trying to do all the stuff I wanted to get done before Christmas :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum