Monday, December 4, 2017

Two From One of My Favorite Authors

TITLE: Stray Magie
AUTHOR: Jackie Bouchard
PUBLISHING DATE: October 10, 2017

FROM GOODREADS: Cara Snow is newly divorced, stuck working for a jerky boss at a pet boutique, and dreading her soon-to-be-empty nest with only her beloved corgi for company. Worse still, her ex just got engaged. Doesn’t she deserve some romance, too? Or, at least a date for the Fur Ball. She’s always enjoyed the annual pet rescue gala, but this year her ex will be there with his fiancée. Meanwhile, Cara hasn’t met anyone— other than the irresistible dogs at the boutique’s adoption events.

Cara is shocked when her wish to fall for a man as easily as she does for those mutts summons Vincent. His velour track suit, paunchy belly, and tough-guy accent don't exactly fit her childhood image of a fairy godfather. Not exactly on top of his game, he admits to being twenty-five years late. (Her daughter Winnie is convinced he must be there for her!) Vincent does his best and casts a spell "guaranteed" to help Cara find the One. But when she actually starts meeting men, none of them are her type. If only they were as perfect for her as the dogs they adopt. Did her screw-up fairy godfather botch the spell? If so, what will it mean not only for Cara but Vincent as well?

From USA Today best-selling author Jackie Bouchard, comes a tale of love, laughter, and the profound magic of believing in yourself.

MY THOUGHTS: I have to apologize because it has taken me forever to review this book. It was an actual oversight and I thought I had already done it. However, I can honestly say that I am probably more in love with this book now that I was in September when I originally read it. And many thanks to the author, who knows by now that she is one of my faves, for an early copy.

"Stray Magic" is not like Bouchard's previous books. While it still has the dog/human connection element that I love, this book is more magical and fantastical than her previous ones, which were more dramatic. But please, don't think she can't pull off the switch because she does so with panache and quickly pulls the reader into a modern-day fairy tale. 

Cara, the main character, is stuck in a rut. She just learned that her ex-husband is engaged to a younger, newer wife, she is stuck in a dead-end job where she gets no appreciation, and her daughter is preparing to leave for college. Her only consolation is her Welsh Corgi - Llew. He is strictly devoted to Cara and adorable to boot. One day Cara is visited by her fairy Godfather - Vincent. Vincent arrives to grant Cara's wish to find love again, yet she is too convinced with his pixie-like stature and his outdated track suit. Soon the reader is pulled into a world where Vincent's spell appears to have taken a wrong turn - instead of finding Mr. Right, Cara keeps falling in love with the dog's up for adoption at the pet store where she works! Will she even find someone to make her happy?

As I mentioned, this book is truly magical. Anyone who loves fairy takes, or dogs, or better yet, even both, has no excuse not to rush out and grab a copy of "Stray Magic." Bouchard has a way of creating endearing and often humorous characters and she has such a way of portraying canines in books that the reader falls in love with them all. After I finished reading "Stray Magic" I remember emailing Jackie and saying the book gets "all the paws!" I'm also now convinced if Jackie wrote the phone book and included the animal residents in the home as well as the owners, I'd rush out to buy it and fall in love with reading it as well. 

RATING: 5 PAWS (and then some)

TITLE: The Year I Got Al Grinchy
AUTHOR: Jackie Bouchard

MY THOUGHTS:  This is a short story Jackie shared with those who subscribe to her newsletter.  It was once included in an anthology, but she gave it it's own cover (isn't it great) and shared it during this special time of year.  It was a quick read and tells the tale of a woman whose husband has left her.  The only thing they seem to both care about anymore is the dog and she fears a custody battle is looming.  Her mother, who is throwing a wedding for her dog - yes, her dog, during the Christmas season has other plans in mind and invites both of them to the nuptials.  But is it too late for them to see what is staring them in the face and can their beloved pooch bring them back together.

This is such a great feel-good Christmas tale and a perfect quick read for this time of year.  Once again, I love Jackie's ability to tap into how important canines are to those who really care about them and how they tend to work in their own mysterious ways.


I read this as part of my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!


  1. these books sound really magical! I have never read Bouchard! Maybe I should! :)

  2. aw, both of these sound super fun! Thanks for adding a new author to my list!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely review! SO glad you like “Stray Magic” and so happy to earn 5 paws! :)

  4. These both sound great, Barb! I love dogs and fairy tales so I should probably check these out.

  5. Both sound like the perfect books to curl up by the fire with. It is supposed to finally get cool here in Texas, so I plan to do just that!

  6. Stray Magic sounds utterly completely adorable AW!

  7. So cute! I need to read both of these!!