Friday, December 15, 2017

Winter COYER Reading Challenge

I'll have to admit I kind of debated skipping the COYER Winter Challenge this time around but a good friend made me realize how much I would miss not participating.  Also, I've met so many great people through this challenge that I would miss the interaction with them as well.  So I've decided to go ahead and participate but I am not putting a lot of pressure on myself.  In fact, for a 3 month challenge, I am only wanting to hit 12 reads (I will be reading more of course but not all will work for the challenge).  Anyway, here are the rules:

The Basics

Let’s start with the basic rules and then we’ll get to the complicated.
  • The challenge begins December 16th at 12am EST and ends March 9th at 11:59pm EST.
  • You must create a sign-up post anytime between now and January 20th on blog, goodreads, fb, google+, etc. Be sure to indicate if you’re doing regular COYER or The Switch. Link your sign-up to the linky below.
  • You can choose to do regular COYER – which is the same as The Strict – or COYER Switch.
  • Link your reviews to the linky that will be provided on the Kick-off Post.
  • There will be three grand prize winners – $10 gift card – one for the linky review list, and two for Switch participants.
Of course that’s not it… way too simple for us! Now to show your three options #COYER Switch!

COYER Switch

COYER Switch has 3 components: The Strict, The List, and The One with the Twist. If you participate in COYER Switch, you’ll do each component at different times. There will be three phases:
  • December 16 – January 12
  • January 13 – February 9
  • February 10 – March 9
You can choose to do the three components in any order you’d like, but you’ll do each component once.

The Strict

This is good old strict COYER. The rules:
  1. Every book you read must be an eBook or audiobook.
  2. Every book must be either free or less than $5.
  3. No library books, borrowed books, or Kindle Unlimited.

The List

For The List, you guessed it… you’re making a list!
  1. Make a list of up to 30 books you want to read.
  2. Every book on the list must be in your possession BEFORE you put them on the list.
  3. You can add 5 new books for every 5 books you read.
  4. Books on the list can be any format, any price, obtained any LEGAL way… so that means library books, KU, borrowed, etc.

The One with the Twist

The One with the Twist is probably my favorite…
    1. You can read ANY book. ANY price. Obtained any LEGAL way.
    2. The Twist is, you have to stick with one format. If you choose audiobooks, then only the audiobooks you read during this phase will count. If you choose eBooks, then only eBooks you read during this phase will count. ETC…

So I will basically be doing "The List, The Strict and The One With the Twist."  My order is to do the list first. do the strict next and do the twist last (which will be physical books).

Here is the link to my list of books to choose from on Goodreads:


  1. Best of luck with this one, Barb. It sounds like it should be great fun!

  2. Have fun. I keep meaning to do this. Maybe next time:)

  3. I never take part in this kind of thing as the rules are too restrictive for me! Good luck with it though!

    1. This one was rather restrictive and I almost didn't do it. I'm not putting much pressure on myself with this one this time around.

  4. you got this Barb! but still.. Good luck!