Monday, March 12, 2018

Books to Bark (and Crow) About - #3

Hello my fellow bloggers!  Cassius here.  Guess what?  Booker T is letting me have a go at things today.  My very first all alone blog post.  Of course, Mom kind of convinced him he had the last two months and you know he's staring at me from the couch while I'm typing this and I've heard "Cassius, don't mess this up" a few times but I've assured him AND Mom that I got this.

So this month I'm sharing with you books about dogs and other flying creatures (stop staring at me Booker T!  Dogs can fly - you've seen me run and jump and know how fast I am.  I'm sure that's what flying feels like).  So I spent some time surfing the net - hey, maybe I should try surfing,  Oops, I forgot, no ocean.  Oh well, here's some interesting books I've recently added on Mom's Amazon wishlist.

This one sounds pretty scary and features witches and the occult.  

I saw where Mom already has the first one on her Kindle and isn't this the prettiest cover ever????
Plus it's purple, and that's Mom's favorite color so I know she'll want this one.

So Booker isn't the only one who pays attention.  I know for a fact Mom has read the first 3 or 4 of this cozy series (I liked getting snuggly and cozy) and really liked them.  She'll never be able to resist this cover and will probably look into starting the series again once she sees it.

Mom LOVES this one and can't wait for this next installment to be released.  Plus, Renee has been a guest on the blog and even shared pictures of her fur children so that makes her pretty awesome in my book.  Looks like Smooshie might have a new puppy pal in this one!

This is an older series I "dug" up which features an investigator and her canine assistant.  Gotta persuade Mom to at least give the first one a try.  Opps, what's this 1-click thing?  I don't think she has a choice now huh? (Stop your snickering Booker T, like you've never had your paw hit the wrong computer key!)

So there you have it guys.  My very first solo feature.  Hope I've shared with you some books which might interest you - cause then I might get to do this again.


  1. Great choices Cassius! That Owl-Men book looks very interesting to me :)

  2. What an interesting haul! Enjoy! :-)

  3. Cassius did a great job with these picks. I had not seen the cover for the Laini Taylor book. I do want to read that series. Enjoy!

    1. It's one of the prettiest covers I've seen in a long time.

  4. Eek The Owlmen does look creepy! Nice picks though Cassius! Happy reading... :)

  5. I'll be curious to find out more about The Owlmen. I'll be reading the REnee George one at some point as well. Nice picks Cass!

  6. Wahoo! Great work Cassius! That cover of Antiques Wanted is too funny.