Tuesday, September 26, 2023

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


For some reason that I'm still not sure of, I have committed to doing three readathons during the month of October.  I will admit though that I worked hard to work in the books I actually wanted to read during the month anyway.  So, to keep myself accountable, I want to share a post with the readathons as well as what might/should get read.  Graphics are courtesy of the hosts and I will link to the readathon announcement when I can and also link the books to Goodreads so you can check them out.  I'm too lazy to add all the pics right now.

Hallowtween (MG Books) - Hosted by Storm Reads

Purple on the cover: The Vanquishers #2 - Secret of the Reaping - Kaylynn Bayron
Green on the cover: Slime Doesn't Pay! - R.L.Stein
Orange & Black on the Cover: Scritch Scratch - Lindsay Currie

Witches Need Love Too - Hosted by The Bookish Knitter

Witch or Hex in the Title AND Published in 2023: Hex Education - Maureen Kilmer
Purple on the Cover AND Not a Witch!: Not the Witch You Wed - April Asher

TBR and Beyond Trick-or-Treat Book Bash
Team Little Monsters!

Dark Fantasy/Retelling: ???
MG Horror or Mystery: Slime Doesn't Pay! - R.L.Stein
1st Book in a Series: Horror Hotel - Victoria Fulton
Book With a Setting That Scares You: Scritch Scratch - Lindsay Currie
Horror/Thriller/Mystery by BIPOC Author: The Vanquishers #2 - Kaylynn Bayron
Weapon on the Cover: ???
Characters That Use Magic: Beastly Bones (Jackaby #2) - William Ritter
Red, Orange or Black on the Cover: Hex Education - Maureen Kilmer
Read While Listening to Spooky Music: There's No Way I'd Die First - Lisa Springer
Takes Place in Space or in Water: ???
Read a Book With Vampires, Witches or Werewolves: Not the Witch You Wed - April Asher

So, there you have it.  On this last one, you get points for your team and there are 4 extra activity prompts as well.  I don't know that I can read a book for each category but if you have suggestions for the ones I've left blank, please let me know in the comments.

Happy Spooky Reading!!!!


  1. Best of luck with all three readathons! I am debating doing Witchtober (hosted by Your Book Friend), and possibly Fraterfest (hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer.)

  2. How fun! I love all the bookish events in Oct!

  3. Three readathons? I probably couldn't even finish one, though all three of these look like fun. Especially the witch one. Good luck...and happy reading! :D

  4. I have so many arcs for the month of October that I am not going to have any time to read anything else! I hope that you enjoy all of these books!

  5. These all sound fun! Good luck, Barb!

  6. You are stronger than me! Ha ha. Good luck. 🎃