Friday, September 1, 2023

2 Bloggers 1 Series - House of Evil


This month Stormi and I continued on with our series read of the Krewe of Hunters by Heather Graham.  I've mentioned before these books are a bit formulaic but each one brings in some new characters and some new history and legends and I've yet to find myself getting bored.  I don't know that I would want to read them back-to-back, but with some books in between, I'm finding them enjoyable.  So read on for my thoughts and then hop over to Stormi's to see what she thought as well.

TITLE: The Evil Inside (Krewe of Hunters #4)
AUTHOR: Heather Graham
PUBLISHING DATE: August 30, 2011
PAGES: 372   
SOURCE: Hoopla

FROM GOODREADS: For as long as it has stood overlooking New England's jagged coastline, Lexington House has been the witness to madness and murder. But in recent years the inexplicable malice that once tormented so many has lain as silent as its victims. Until now. 
A member of the nation's foremost paranormal forensic team, Jenna Duffy has made a career out of investigating the inexplicable. Yet nothing could prepare her for the string of slayings once again plaguing Lexington House, or for the chief suspect--a boy barely old enough to drive, much less kill. 
With the young man's life on the line, Jenna must team up with attorney Samuel Hall to pinpoint who-or what-is taking the lives of those who get too close to the past. But everything they learn brings them closer to the forces of evil stalking this tortured ground.

MY THOUGHTS: I felt this fourth book in the series started off a bit slow and my opinion may have been directly influenced that I didn't like Sam much at all.  However, I am pleased to report it did pick p and with some good character development and growth, I no longer hated him when I was finished.

Sam is returning to Salem to check on his deceased parents' house, which he is considering selling.  On the way, he is stopped in the middle of the road by a naked teen covered with blood.  Turns out the teen's family has just been murdered and he is the number one suspect.  The teen's counselor believes in his client's innocence.  He contacts his niece, Jenna, a member of the FBI Paranormal Forensic Team for help and together, they convince Sam to use his expert legal skills to assist.  

I really enjoyed the fact that this book takes place in Salem and the reader is given bits and pieces of information about the Salem witch trials and religious persecution along the way.  I really liked Jenna and even though I was pretty sure she and Sam would end up together in the end, I felt bad for how skeptical he was of her abilities in the beginning.  I also found myself not fully convinced of the youth's innocence and enjoyed seeing the mystery unravel.

This is a fun series, and each book brings something new.  I find myself curious about the next installment which I suppose is fundamental for a series that has as many installments as this one does.



  1. This does sound like a fun ghostly series. I really need to check it out. Autumn is the time of year I always want to read some good ghost stories. :D

  2. I've read the first few of these, including this one. I had trouble getting them on audio which I wanted to do because Luke Daniels. But I'll go back to them someday.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. The creepy house on the cover really gets my attention, and lately I've been having good luck with creepy house cover books, so I should try this series😁

  4. It's good that you were able to get past the slow start and then ended up enjoying it. I haven't read this author but know people who love her! Great review!

  5. The book I'm reading now also had a slow start, but it got better quickly. ☺