Thursday, August 31, 2023

My Final Dog Days of Summer Books!


TITLE: Hounds, Harvest and Homicide
AUTHOR: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PUBLISHING DATE: December 4, 2019
PAGES: 170   
SOURCE: Hoopla

FROM GOODREADS: It’s time for the city’s biggest event, the annual fundraising gala for the local women’s shelter. Half the town attends, including all city officials, and anyone who at least thinks they’re anyone always shows up.
Because of that, I’ve taken the bull by the horns—or should I say dog by the leash—and I’m using the grand event to show off the shelter dogs. Because every event is better with dogs, right? 
I’ve planned a fantastic pooch party down to every last detail, and I’ve chosen the best dogs at the shelter. Of course, all the dogs are the best, so it’s going to be a big pooch party! 
What I didn’t plan for was murder. And the murder of the most prominent financial contributor to the women’s shelter, at that. 
I’m happy to report that the dogs aren’t in any danger, but something equally tragic is happening. My close friend, my deceased husband’s best friend, and a dutiful city council member is the cop’s main suspect. Nope. I can’t let that happen, Max means too much. 
I’m determined to prove my friend’s innocence, no matter what happens, and that determination leads me down a path of power, politics, and money, and straight into the killer's line of sight.

MY THOUGHTS: Of all three books in this series, with this being number two, this was my least favorite.  That being said, it was still a strong addition and I enjoyed reading it and learning more about Missy's rescue and the crazy town in which she lives.  

This time Missy once again is wrapped up in a murder investigation.  She is in the middle of a pooch party with a bunch of puppies, when a prominent donor winds up dead.  Missy's close friend Max, who just happens to be developing strong feelings for Missy beyond friendship, is accused of the murder.  Missy is determined to prove his innocence.  

Once again the dogs play a big role. Missy is always talking about them or working at the shelter and there is even a dog present in the big climax of the murder resolution which Missy ends up saving.  Missy does tend to butt into the police investigation quite a bit and is convinced that she can do a better job than them which got a bit annoying after a awhile.  Also, Missy is still mourning her husband and is convinced he was her one and only love so she is adamant she will not get involved with Max even though she clearly is starting to have feelings for him.  

Overall, this was still a solid installment in the series and I'm so glad that the Dog Days of Summer Challenge prompted me to binge read them.


TITLE: Dogs, Dinner and Death
AUTHOR: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
PUBLISHER: Magnum Grace Publishing
PUBLISHING DATE: January 11, 2022
PAGES: 133   
SOURCE: Hoopla

FROM GOODREADS: I’m not a dog whisperer, but I am a dog mom, and that’s a whole lot worse for the person responsible for kidnapping some of our adopted shelter dogs. TRUST ME: when I find out who it is, they’ll wish all I did was whisper. No one messes with my dogs. 
Atlanta, Georgia, had a dogfighting issue a few years back, and thankfully, most of those dogs found homes. Unfortunately, the problem’s returned, and the shelter I manage takes in the poor pups victimized by those who hurt them. I plan to train the pups on their socialization skills. 
Things take a turn for the worse when a loud-mouthed city politician pushes to ban pit bulls from town. But the politician is only one obstacle. Dogs go missing, and one of the owners is murdered. I realize this isn’t a case of dognapping gone awry. There’s something bigger going on, and I’m determined to figure out the who and why. I’ll get those dogs back, and stop the killer, even if I have to put myself in danger to do it.

MY THOUGHTS: Hands down this was my favorite installment of the series.  It focuses on the dangers of dogfighting and Missy is trying to figure out who is kidnapping local pits, dogs she has worked hard to find good homes for and who are treated like children.  Furthermore, there is a woman who wants to run for City Council and she is waging a campaign to ban pit bulls in the town and I feel so strongly about actions like that which I find ridiculous so it was nice to see it discussed in a book.

So as I mentioned, the focus of this one is Missy trying to figure out who is kidnapping local dogs and who murdered one of the owners.  Many of the characters are people the reader has seen in previous books, so it lends a bit of familiarity and I think that helped me feel more invested as well.  

I do believe this is the last book in the series and while I would definitely read more, I feel that some of the side stories were wrapped up nicely at the end and if there aren't more books, at least there are no loose ends hanging.  If you are looking for a quick dog-centric cozy series, this one just might be for you!


And in honor of Dog Days of Summer ending, here is a picture of my dear Cass and my wonderful Apollo from the end of the last year before we found out Cass was so sick. My babies!


  1. I'd definitely going to have to check out this series. And I love that photo of Apollo and Cass!

  2. What a sweet photo😁 I have photos of my dogs (both no longer with me😭) on my phone lock screen/wallpaper so I can see them all the time.

  3. I'm glad these were fun for you! Great to see your photo.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  4. Love the covers of these books and definitely love the pictures of your dogs!

  5. Thanks for reading for Dog Days of Sumner! My wrap-up post will be Thursday. ☺