Thursday, August 3, 2023

What Have We Done - Please Just Tell Me!


TITLE: What Have We Done
AUTHOR: Alex Finlay
PUBLISHER: Minotaur Books
PUBLISHING DATE: March 7, 2023
PAGES: 320   
SOURCE: Library


A stay-at-home mom with a past. 
A has-been rock star with a habit. 
A reality TV producer with a debt. 
Three disparate lives. 
One deadly secret. 
Twenty-five years ago, Jenna, Donnie, and Nico were the best of friends, having forged a bond through the abuse and neglect they endured as residents of Savior House, a group home for parentless teens. When the home was shut down―after the disappearance of several kids―the three were split up. 
Though the trauma of their childhood has never left them, each went on to live accomplished―if troubled―lives. They haven’t seen one another since they were teens but now are reunited for a single haunting reason: someone is trying to kill them. 
To survive, the group will have to revisit the nightmares of their childhoods and confront their shared past―a past that holds the secret to why someone wants them dead. 
It’s a reunion none of them asked for . . . or wanted. But it may be the only way to save all their lives. 

MY THOUGHTS:  I have read a book from this author in the past and found it pretty enjoyable so when my Libby hold came in for this one, I decided to give it a go. 

Basically, you have a group of friends who were in the same group home as teens.  When the book opens, you see them doing something pretty dramatic and pretty illegal, you just don't know any details. We then move to present day time and see what the kids are doing now and let's just say, life hasn't been good to some of them and it's about to get worse.  Someone wants to systematically take out each and every one of them and can they visit the ghosts of the past and find out who before it's too late?

This is an example of where I didn't really like any of the characters in the novel but it didn't ruin my enjoyment.  I kind of liked the "washed-up" rock star (if you've read the book, you'll see what I've done here) the best but I couldn't tell you why exactly.  The plot kept me engaged and I sort of figured out what was going on by the end so there were no real big reveals. The twist at the very end made the conclusion better for me though and I didn't see it coming.

Overall, this was a decent thrilled and I will continue to pick up books from this author.  I just haven't read too many thrillers this summer that I consider stand-out, and this is just one of the many that I will add to that list.



  1. The last 5-star thriller I read was The Quarry Girls, but I keep hoping for more. Glad this one was at least an enjoyable read.

  2. My impression was similar. It was difficult to like any of these characters.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. I'm on the hunt for a stand out thriller too. I'm hoping Alice Feeney's new book might be one!

  4. I listened to this one and think that I remember liking that rocker the best too. I found it enjoyable enough but nothing too spectacular.