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No One Like You review and Booker wants a Great Dane!

TITLE:  No One Like You (Barefoot William #4)
AUTHOR: Kate Angell
PUBLISHER: Kensington
PUBLISHING DATE: April 28, 2015

FROM GOODREADS: For Rylan Cates, the gloriously sunny beachside town of Barefoot William may be home, but the pro baseball player needs to focus on spring training. Hiring a personal assistant to keep him and his four dogs organized for the next eight weeks is the first step--and Beth Avery is the perfect pinch hitter.

Beth is still looking for her place in the world, and a couple months caring for Rylan's two dachshunds, his golden retriever, and a Great Dane named Atlas should shore up her finances before she moves on. Except it's Atlas who won't budge, pushing her toward tanned, scruffy, sexy Rylan every chance he gets. One more strike and she's calling the dog out--unless she and Rylan admit that the attraction they're feeling is a game-winning grand slam. . .

MY THOUGHTS:  I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I'll admit I don't read a lot of romance and that I requested this book based solely on the cute Great Dane on the cover and not the synopsis. I also didn't realize it is Book #4 in a series, but having read it, I can honestly say it didn't make this book harder to follow. Looking into it, I actually think they are companion series. Sometimes I find romance books don't have enough substance, but that was not the case with this book.

Beth is clearly running from something in her past when she agrees to be baseball star Rylan Cates' PA for 8 weeks. She is also pretty much hired because his four dogs, especially Atlas the Dane, immediately warm to her. Although the reader could easily guess Beth's secret, there is a twist which deepens the plot. As the book progresses, you learn how damaged Beth really is. While Angell could have made this an insta-love story, Beth and Rylan fight their attraction which makes the story more realistic and less romance-sappy (my own term). Now for the dogs - my favorite part of the story. Rylan is a dog lover an, d owns four - a Golden, 2 Dachaunds and 1 Great Dane. It is evident Atlas is the star of this book and his actions make the whole book endearing. Anyone who loves dogs would enjoy this novel, and I actually found their story as much as part of this book as Beth and Rylan's. The setting is another wonderful aspect of "No One Like You" and Angell did a great job of painting a cozy little beach town. The side characters add a lot to this story and leave you wanting more of Halo's story (which I think is the next book).

Overall, I am glad I read this book. I don't know if I would necessarily pick up the previous three, as the dogs were what drew me in to this one, but not for one minute do I regret picking up this one. This is a great book for those who love dogs, their relationships with humans, romance and small town life. Pick up a copy and meet Atlas the matchmaker, a dog I will never forget.



Hey guys, it's me, Booker T Boxer pup and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the dogs in this book.  There are 4 altogether, but as Mom mentioned, Atlas is the starBeth treated all of the dogs so well and made them a priority even though she was Ry's PA.  They got to go for car rides, ate organic food (yuck!) and swim in the ocean at a dog event.  Atlas and the others had tons of toys and it was obvious he cared about Beth and Ry because when he was ornery, he offered them as an apology.  Atlas was a great matchmaker and was it was fun to read about his antics.  By the way, I DO NOT WANT A GREAT DANE.  Mom has wanted one for years.  I think it is hard enough on me raising Cassius.  Thanks for visiting guys!

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