Thursday, June 18, 2015

A "pup"date

Hello there humans, it's us, Booker T and Cassius letting you in on what's been happening with us at the farm.  It's been a busy month, and a hot one too!  The month started out with us raising money for the annual Walk Your Paws event at our local humane society.  Mom and Dad always remind us that we are so spoiled that this is our one time a year to give back to the less fortunate puppies and kitties.  Dad has upgraded our privacy fencing in the backyard which is always nice, and while doing it, we cornered the neighborhood white cat, Snowball (real original huh?), which seems to like harassing us.  We probably wouldn't hurt it, and mom is afraid we'll get scratched, but it is the same darn cat who ate Cassius's baby birds earlier this summer and we want it to stay away!  Finally, last weekend Mom planted our flower garden.  We add flowers and garden animals every year in memory of our late brothers, Barkley, Cooper and Cicero, as it is the location of their final resting places.  The farm always seems to be incomplete until this yearly task is done.

Mom found a list on the 'net which described us boxers to a tee and I asked her if I could post it here.  She said yes, but to make sure people know the original list can be found on iheartdogs

10 Things only Boxer Owners Understand:

     10.  Their tongue has a mind of its own.
       9.  Snorts are just a way of saying "I Love You."
       8.  They are one of the most patient creatures you will ever meet.
       7.  You MUST give them attention - daily, on the hour, every hour.
       6.  To love a boxer is to learn to live with flatulence.
       5.  They make the best "guilty" and "sad" faces in the world.
       4.  There is nothing like a "wiggle butt" to make a bad day good.
       3.  You are probably the only owner's who have to learn
             to avoid front paws.
       2.  They are the self appointed greeter for the house.
       1.  You don't have a dog so much as a forever puppy.

 That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cocktails at Le Carmen looks like a good one! Love the Boxer rules. I have similar ones for my dachshunds.
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