Friday, June 5, 2015

May 2015 Wrap Up

I honestly can't believe how fast the year is flying.  It seems like just yesterday we were braving winter in my part of the states and now it is already June and I am putting preventative drops on the pups.  May was a decent reading month, but it did start out slow as I was reading a book which really dragged me down.  I am starting a new challenge toward the end of June which runs for 8 weeks so hopefully I can really knock some books out.  Anyways, on to the wrap up (clicking the title should take you to my Goodreads review - if there is one).

The Secret Zoo (Secret Zoo #1): Bryan Chick
The Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves #1): Morgan Rhodes
The Awesome: Eva Darrows
The Ice Twins: S.K. Tremayne
Twenties Girl: Sophie Kinsella
Spell Booked (Retired Witches Mystery #1): Joyce and Jim Lavene
Courtney Crumrin Vol. 2 The Coven of Mystics: Ted Naifeh

So overall I read 7 novels and 1 graphic novels.  I had two 5-star ratings, five 4-star ratings and one 2-star rating.  Not too bad and to start off slow, May did seem to be home to a lot of strong reads.  Booker T did review Mr. Mutt for the blog, which meets my goal of spotlighting one dog-related title each month.  I am doing poorly on my Stephen King challenge but am thinking of making October a Stephen King month.  I am way ahead of my goodreads challenge, but instead of finishing off some series, I seem to be starting more.  I reviewed 2 books for netgalley with more planned for June so that isn't too bad, and 5 of the books I read were included in my May TBR(P).

What did you read this month and how are your challenges going?  Drop me a comment so I know and thanks for stopping by!

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