Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekend Reads (04/08/16)

So I didn't get as much read this week as I had hoped, but I still managed to squeeze some time in here and there.  I had a work meeting out of town one day, which kind of threw things off, but it was only a day trip so at least that was a plus.  Also, apparently the Weather Gods can't read a calendar so in my neck of the woods we are getting February/March weather here in April - sandals one day and boots the next kind of weather.  I know some are getting much worse but I still want to complain so I will - haha.

I am in the middle of a great book which I hope to get finished Friday night.  We didn't really get to watch any movies this week so "Hateful Eights" and "Star Wars" are on the agenda - maybe.  We basically watched The Walking Dead marathon all day Sunday in between outings, activities and chores, and DON'T EVEN get me started on the season ending.  I would like to say they made me so mad I won't watch it anymore but I know that simply isn't true so I won't go there.  Well, here's what books are on the stack this weekend/upcoming week.  Hope you guys have a good one!

The Demonists We3 The Society

If you haven't picked up "The Demonists" yet, and you love dark urban fantasy/horror, they I will tell you to not even wait for my review and grab a copy as soon as possible. And I am still trying to get to "We3" because it is due back to the library soon. Hope everyone has a great reading weekend!


  1. Yeah, the weather seems to be a little confused where I lived too 0.o But it's not too extreme at least, just mildly annoying lol. I've heard good things about The Demonists, glad you liked it :-) And your other books look interesting as well!

  2. I feel your pain with the weather! i live in Wisconsin and the weather is all over the board here! it snows off and on and then rains the next minute. once and a while the sun has been peaking through the clouds though, so for that i'm grateful!
    I hope you have a great weekend of reading! I'm hoping to do that next weekend! these next few days i have a pile of homework for college!
    Emily @

  3. Ooh, might have to just go ahead and grab The Demonists then! I didn't get the amount of reading done that I wanted this week due to a slow start but I hope for better this week. I still can't seem to motivate myself to watch any TV-enjoying my books too much! As for The walking Dead, I still haven't finished season 2!!!

  4. The weather has being doing the same thing here. My daughter came out one morning in shorts and a t-shirt ready to go to school and I had to tell her it was in the 30s. I am so ready for summer. That Walking Dead season finale...I can't even.

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life