Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Reads (04/15/16)

I suppose overall it's been a pretty uneventful week here at the farm.  Other than the kitchen sink getting stopped up and having to work on that one evening (totally not my fault and I'm not pointing fingers but Booker T and Cassius can't reach it so you figure it out), things were fairly quiet.  DH is finishing up his last few weeks of on-line classes this term and has become obsessed with Youtube theories on who actually died on The Walking Dead (by the way, do you think the writer's even know or will they nominate someone at the last moment?).  We did watch a few movies which included "The Forest" which I thought was so-so and "Hateful Eights" which is just what I expected from a Tarantino film - loved parts of it and hated parts of it.  Hope to knock a few more off the list this weekend.  Plus Banshee is back on so that takes care of late night Friday night TV.

I managed to get a few things read this past week, but there is still an awful lot on the pile, so here's what I plan on getting to over this weekend and the following few days:

A Girl Like You True Born The Shadow Queen

Here are a few recent pics of the pups. They wanted to make sure I said "hi" from them!

"I know that Cat is here somewhere!"
"I think I heard it creeping up behind me"
So what are you weekend plans and more importantly, have you see the cat trying to sue Booker T!


  1. Ooh, I have been wanting to read The Shadow Queen! I hope you end up liking it! For my weekend, I'm just planning on hanging out with friends, reading, and working on homework.

  2. Yep, watch out for those sneaky cats! I'm forever chasing the things out of our garden and it's doing my head in! If Booker T fancies a holiday, he can come and nibble some cats for me!

    1. Booker T says he is all in - he just KNOWS there are cats lurking about and it silently kills him that he can't get to them.