Monday, May 30, 2016

A Very Rich Cat (Lawyer for the Cat Review)

TITLE: Lawyer for the Cat
AUTHOR: Lee Robinson
PUBLISHER: Thomas Dunne Books

FROM GOODREADS: Sally Baynard is one of the best lawyers around. In the years since her divorce from Family Court Judge Joe Baynard, she dedicated herself to representing the worst and craziest Charleston, S.C. had to offer. But none of the murderers, burglars, or angry divorcing clients compared to Sherman, the dog her ex-husband appointed her to represent. Although the miniature Schnauzer found his way into her heart (and brought his handsome vet Tony along too), his case was a thorny one. With that business out of the way, Sally is happy to move back to non-canine clients... until a probate judge asks her about a cat.

Agreeing to represent Beatrice, a black cat who's the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar trust and a plantation, Sally must put her wit, charm, and brains to the test, choosing among three colorful potential caregivers while dodging the former owner's angry son. Meanwhile, Sally must juggle the demands of the court with those of her aging mother and make a decision about Tony, who wants to get more serious. Lawyer for the Cat is Southern women's fiction at its most delightful, featuring strong, smart characters, a charming setting, and plenty of adorable critters.

MY THOUGHTS:  I absolutely loved Robinson's "Lawyer for the Dog" book so when I saw this sequel was available, I had to request it. Although I am much more a dog person than a cat person, I had such confidence that the author would provide me with a great read that I couldn't wait to dive into it.

Sally Baynard, a South Carolina attorney, was appointed guardian ad litem for Sherman the Schnauzer in the first book, and this time around, she is representing Beatrice, a cat whose owner has died. Sally is left to determine who is the best beneficiary for the millions of dollars and old antebellum mansion which has been left for Beatrice, as well as who will best provide for Beatrice's needs.

All of my favorite characters are back from the first book - Sally's mother and her caretakers, Tony the vet and Sally's new love interest, Sally's ex husband and Judge who got her into handling animal cases in the first place and Sally's wonderfully canny secretary. There are also new characters introduced and throughout the book, I really was unable to figure out who could best meet Beatrice's needs until the very end. Oh, and how could I forget Beatrice. She is just what a reader would expect in a cat character who is now a millionaire - aloofness, distrust and mysteriousness.

I flew through this book and although the end left me completely satisfied, there are still some things which need tied up. This makes me wonder if Robinson has another sequel in mind. And if so, what animal will she be forced to represent the next time?

If you love animals and good women's fiction, then this might be the book for you. Although it is the second in the series, and I highly recommend you read all about Sherman first, one could very well pick this book up without having read "Lawyer for the Dog" and completely enjoy it.

I received a copy of this ARC from Thomas Dunne Books in exchange for an honest review.

RATING: 5 paws

BOOKER T'S THOUGHTS:  Beatrice is a cat.....I am a dog.  Mom says the book is great and I believe her, but dogs chase cats by nature so Beatrice gets 1 paw!  (Talk to the paw Beatrice!)


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  1. Ha ha, I love Booker T's thoughts of this book. :) Sounds like an interesting book but I would probably like the dog one better myself too as I am a dog person, though I read a lot of cozies with cats in