Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2016 TBR(P) - It's (purple) Raining Cats & Dogs & Monsters

So I am trying to keep this month's TBR in check but who am I kidding?  Last month I only ended up reading 4 of the books I posted, and then ended up adding in some additional review books for blog tours I ended up doing.  Oh well, reading is reading and that's why I call it a POTENTIAL TBR. Some of the books you see are repeats from last month but a few of these are quite new.

She Poured Out Her Heart Best Friend's Exorcism Pride's Spell The Book of Joe
The Fireman The Progeny The Dark Missions of Edgar Brimstone The Devil and the Bluebird
Lawyer for the Cat Bite the Biscuit To Catch A Treat Soul Pup

I have been craving horror lately so quite a few of these should satisfy that urge and then many of the other's will qualify for some of the challenges I am participating in this year.  I am sure this line-up will change as I have a few requests coming from the library and isn't it a rule that they always come at the same time?

I have already finished "She Poured Out Her Heart" and the review should be up next week and I am half way through "Pride's Spell" because I simply couldn't wait to start it.

So what are you planning on reading this month?


  1. I think this month will be focused on reducing my pile of prepper and zombie surprise there! I've been trying to get a pile of zombie reviews done today and Goodreads keeps breaking down! Frustrating!!!

  2. I'm reading My Best Friend's Exorcism right now and really enjoying it. I am also in the middle of the Fireman but I keep getting distracted.(plus it's super long!) And of course, Pride's Spell is high on my list and coming up soon. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome month!

    1. I am almost done with Pride's Spell and am loving it as much as the first two. I don't know where Wallace comes up with some of this stuff. The Fireman is daunting, and I have another training coming up for a week in the middle of the month so it may not get started until the 21st - we will see.

  3. Lot of great looking books! I need to get to Fireman as well. I have way more books than I have month but I try. :)

  4. I hope you the get my Best friend's Exorcism soon Barb!! I'm dying to know about that book! :)

  5. Ahhh TBRs. *shrugs* What can you do? Lol. I don't normally read books about animals, but I love the covers of those Linda O. Johnston books. They're so cute! I feel like... was The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim on Netgalley? It looks familiar, like a book I considered requesting once. Anyway, I've pretty much got a bunch of review copies lined up, but I'm dying to get through some so I can get to some backlisted books! Enjoy your books!