Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Reads (05/20/16) Booker had a Birthday!!!!!

It has been another crazy week here at the farm.  I have had a refresher training all week and have been driving an extra 90 minutes each morning and evening back and forth.  Today is the last day and I am so glad.  At least I have still been home by 5:15 each evening but I am exhausted.  Plus, I've had a few problems with the coworker I have to ride with which are really testing our friendship.  I am confident we can move past them, but it has definitely created some tension.

Booker T turned 6 on Monday and was spoiled rotten with toys, treats, special cupcakes and dinner.  I will include some pics. He is such a special dog and I don't know what our home would be like without him.

And yes, that is his and Cassius' toy box behind him.  Although he blends in too well, you can see Cass in the bottom of the second pic trying to see what his brother was doing (and yes, Cassius got the same thing Booker T did :)

I have two books up this weekend.  "The Book of Joe" seems to be a 3 time repeat, but I am half way through and it is short so hopefully the next time you see it will be in a review (I will spare you another picture of the cover).  Then I hope to get a good chunk of "My Best Friend's Exorcism" done as well. We watched quite a few movies last week. "Deadpool" was very enjoyable but not one to watch if you don't like crude comments.  I LOVED the new Star Wars, and then this week we watched "Witch."  That movie was all kinds of messed up and I will forever see those little evil kids and "Black Phillip" was just terrifying.  It wasn't a bad horror movie, but definitely one that made you think "WTF?"

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  What are your plans?


  1. I'm glad that Booker T had a great birthday! I don't do much at weekends other than my STS post and blog visiting. It's sooo much easier with a computer that actually works!

  2. Happy Birthday to Booker! I was supposed to spend this morning making a Curious George cake for my twin niece and nephew's 2nd birthday but my niece is sick so we are going to celebrate later. I am going to kick back and enjoy my sudden free time :)

  3. Happy birthday Booker T! What a lucky dog:-) Hope you enjoy My Best Friend's Exorcism:-D

  4. Happy Birthday Booker T! Glad he had a great b-day! Hope you get through that one books so you can get to My Best Friends Exorcism as I am curious to hear about that

  5. Happy 6th Birthday Booker T! I'm looking at My Best Friends Exorcism too. I imagine I'll be grabbing it. How can I resist that title. LOL

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  6. He is just the cutest and looks like he deserves all that spoiling:-)