Monday, October 3, 2016

October TBR(P) - I Think We've Been Here Before

Ok, so it's no secret I didn't read ALL the books last month, surprise surprise.  However I read a lot of good books so I guess it was a compromise.  And really, don't we all want to read ALL the books, ALL the time?  Also, just this week I posted the 10 books I wanted to read for my Halloween TBR so instead of putting you through all that again, I'm just going to leave a link.

However, there are a few more title I would LOVE to squeeze in so here they are!

So what do you plan to read this  month?  Are you having a "Must Read All The Horror Books" feeling as well???


  1. Good luck with your Halloween TBR, Barb! I've been doing an OctobeRec Fest during the month of October for the past few years - this is my 3rd year. So I'm trying to read some books I added to my shelves thanks to my blogging friends. Hopefully I can get at least 10 read. :D

  2. I didn't arrange things very good this go around so I am trying to fit in some horror reads between the others I have for review that are not horror. I need better planning. :)

  3. I've started my "Must read all the horror!" phase, with a book from last month I need to catch up with called We Eat Our Own, a literary horror inspired by the making of the controversial cult film Cannibal Holocaust. So far, it's um, nothing like I expected. Hoping to follow that up with The Family Plot and The Apartment soon.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. Good luck I hope you get to read all of these! I put way too many on my TBR for this month (thanks Halloween reads ahhh lol), so I probably won't get through them all. LOL!

  5. I always feel as if I should be on the horror thing for far I'm not getting far but I feel positive that things are changing this weekend! Mind you, I've been saying that since June...