Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekly Reads (10/21/16)

So, things have been pretty hectic but I wanted to do a quick update and share what's up next on the stack this weekend and following week.  We've had super warm temps here this week but it's been cooling down so it's not bad at all.  We have had to turn the AC back on though.  Also, the whole town seems to be going crazy!  We had a homicide/double suicide yesterday and then a drive-by shooting where no one was hurt last night.  We attended a neighborhood watch last night and I hope we are convincing the police that they need to hire more.  I know they have a dangerous job but it gets frustrating when you make call after call and they go ignored and then something like this happens.

We watched the new "Independence Day" movie Tuesday night.  It was pretty decent but just didn't have the awe that the first one did.  It was OK for a streaming/rental but I'm glad I didn't go see it at the theater (of course who am I kidding, we almost always wait for streaming releases now!)

I have been working on Christmas planning/shopping and Saturday night, I'm carving pumpkins with the husband and the pups.  We have 2 and then hubby will make pumpkin seeds to snack on.  And I can't forget, "The Walking Dead" finally starts 10/23!  I may be in mourning Monday morning because almost everyone in the world, whether they watch it or not, knows someone is going to die. If the spoilers are correct, then I should be fine, but if my favorite cross-bow carrying individual gets taken out, I may have to give up on the show altogether.

Anyway, here are the books I plan to get to this next few days.

All of these are for review/tours/features so it looks to be a spooky week of reading!  What's everyone else planning this week?  And again, many thanks to all that stop by The Farm on a regular basis!


  1. Goodness, sounds like your in a dangerous neighborhood, I hope they hire more police.

    I am almost done with Witches and I am not sure what genre to classify it as as it's not a horror at least to me, but it's not a mystery...I am leaning to paranormal/time-travel. :) It's been interesting though, but I think I was thinking it would be a bit more creepy.

    1. Well, the murder/homicides happened on the other side of town and the drive by was about 5 miles away in a suburb but we do have a drug house on our street the neighborhood is trying to get rid of. It used to be a nice quiet street but in the past few years, things have gotten worse.

  2. Yikes, I'm sorry about the problems in your neighborhood!

    I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who starts my Christmas shopping in October!

  3. I was of the same mind as you regarding the new Independence Day movie. It's going to be a rental/streaming for us too, and thanks for letting me know it's available - will probably have to put together an impromptu movie night with the husband this weekend.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. It only takes a couple of bad people to destroy an area. Our place was quiet when I was a kid until they started moving bad eggs into the neighbouring street and some weekends it is like the Wild West with the screaming, swearing, windows smashing, doors getting broken in...but do we ever hear a siren? Nope. It drives you mad knowing that criminals are living so close to you and nothing is getting done about it so I understand your frustration. If I ever win the lottery I intend to move somewhere rural and quiet.