Friday, October 7, 2016

Weekly Reads (10/07/16)

So I decided to change graphics for this weekly feature.  I just can't leave things alone for too long. Hope you guys like it and I'm sure my little beagle will be back eventually.  This week has been pretty uneventful - just the way I like them.  All kinds of well wishes go out to those of you dealing with Hurricane Matthew.  Hope everyone stays safe.

I managed to read some this week but just not enough!  I'll have to see what I can do to remedy that this weekend.  I did decorate the Halloween mantle and will try to add pictures next week.  We only watched one movie, but that's primarily because we have so many TV shows/movies DVR'd that we've been busy catching up on them.  We watched "The Purge: Election Day."  My husband loves this series and while I can usually take them or leave them, I found this third installment the best yet.I really loved some of the characters and it seemed to have more plot than the others.

The pups have to go get shots tomorrow so that will be a fun adventure.  I'm sure all will go well and I really like their vet.  He had cancer a few years ago and we were really worried we would lose him. He had to slow down some but he has always treated the boys great so we're glad he's still working.

So here are the books that are up next on the TBR.  I can't wait to lose myself in the rest of "The Graveyard Apartment" and the other two look great as well!

So what is everyone else doing this weekend?  Are you reading any good books?  And most of all, stay safe!!!!


  1. I feel like I have so much to get to...but I can't decide what to do first! I have a ton of books to read, physical and digital, piles of dvd box sets and tv recordings, more films than you could shake a stick at...but what I REALLY want to do is welcome my throat back to health by singing along with my Mamma Mia DVD!

  2. I'm finishing The Apartment by S.L. Grey and just started the Crooked Kingdom audiobook! Maybe I'll also pick up a Pathfinder book for something lighter this weekend.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  3. I am curious about your Halloween mantle, must be fun to decorate the house. And uneventful week is great sometimes. I finished two books this week and we're watching Star Trek Enterprise and watched Jackie Chan movie yesterday. I hope the vet visit goes well! Enjoy your next reads ad have a great week!

  4. I like your new paw graphic. :) Hubs and I are doing our annual assessment on whether or not we can get rid of cable. We are getting much, much closer. Our one hurdle is not being able to DVR shows if we switch to a service like Sling TV.