Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016 Wrap Up

So I read fewer books this month but I'm still pretty impressed with them, especially since several were rather long.  It also was a pretty good reading month rating wise so all in all, nothing to complain about.  I also started 2 more this past week so they will likely get finished the first few days of October.  So on to the challenge update!

WHAT AN ANIMAL IX: 21/12 (finished in July)
CLOAK & DAGGER CHALLENGE: 23/20 (finished in August)
HORROR READING CHALLENGE: 20/16 (finished in August)
NEW RELEASE CHALLENGE: 62/30 (finished in June)
R.I.P. XI: I finished Peril the First and read 4/4 books which qualified.  I also finished Peril on the Screen and watched The Conjuring 2 and stared The Exorcist and American Horror series on TV. I've also watched The Neighbor which is a thriller.

As I mentioned, it was a month full of pretty good reads as well.  I had 2 3-paw reads, 4 4-paw reads, and 2 5-paw reads.

So how was your reading this past month and is everybody ready for October???


  1. Your acing those challenges! Well done!

  2. Sounds like a great month for you and you did well on your challenges.

    I'm watching The Exorcist and American Horror Story on TV too.

  3. Way to go! You are doing great! I'm watching AHS as well, but still not sure what I think of it.

    1. I know. I want to like it as much as last season, but so far, all I'm getting is a strange factor. I've heard it takes until about Episode 6 for it to make some sense and catch on, but in my opinion, that may be too long a wait.

  4. Well done on your challenges! I need to set some goals for this month-spooky bookys, horror films, stuff likle that. I'm already behind schedule!