Thursday, May 2, 2019

April Down for the Count!

So I really don't know how I survived April.  I am in no hurry to have another month like that one.  I am also really surprised that I managed to read anything at all but alas, I did.  I think it's because reading allows me to get out of my own head for a while and I've been in desperate need of that lately. 

So I managed to read 8 books this month.  Now granted, some of  them were shorter novellas and I sneaked in a graphic novel but overall, I'm still okay with it because like I said, I expected worse.  So here's how it all played out.

Pug: Crime Has a New Enemy - Matt Shaw 4/5
(What an Animal)

My Pug is an Asshole - Matt Shaw 4/5
(What an Animal)

The Department of Sensitive Crimes - Alexander McCall Smith 4/5
(What an Animal, Cloak & Dagger, Spring Into Horror)

I Hate Fairyland (Vol. 1) - Skottie Young 4/5

The Hunting Party - Lucy Foley 4/5
(Cloak & Dagger, Library Lovers, Spring Into Horror)

The Dark Game - Jonathan Janz 4/5
(Spring Into Horror)

Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4) - Ilona Andrews 5/5
(Cloak & Dagger, Library Lovers, Dancing with Fantasy - Gods)

The River - Peter Heller  DNF
(Cloak & Dagger, Spring Into Horror)

So thank heavens for "Magic Bleeds" or it would have been another month without a 5/5 read.  However, I did have quite a few 4/5 so that's good but there was also the rare DNF - which I don't regret for a minute.


So how was your April???

Also, I managed to read 4 books which counted for the month long Spring Into Horror Challenge.  Not what I planned but oh well, basically the whole month was unplanned and I was more than ready to rip the page off my calendar.


  1. Here's to a happier month of May!

  2. You had a lot of 4/5s as well as the 5/5, so at least reading was good for you last month. 👍✨

    Here's to a less traumatic May. ((((((HUGS)))))))

    1. I agree, I'm all for less trauma...and drama for that matter. I did have a lot of 4/5s though whihc was very positive.

  3. I know that this has been a horrible time for you. My heart hurts just thinking about what I know you are going through. I am glad that reading helped to give you a bit of an escape in April.

    1. Thank so much Carole for your kind words.

  4. Yeah, I know April was rough for you, but I'm glad you were able to find some escapism. Books are super for that. Looks like you got quite a lot of reading done!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Books are great for times when real life sucks!

  5. May will be better! You still managed to do pretty good!

  6. It still makes me want to cry. I can't.
    Glad you managed to read to get your head some place different.
    I'm just going to go and hug my dog and send a virtual hug to you.
    Lynn :D

  7. I actually think you did well to get eight books read with the terrible month you had. Books can be good therapy when times are tough though if we are in the mood to read them.

  8. I'm with Chuckles. You did good for having such a terrible month. I hope time makes things easier.

  9. Wow! You read a lot in April. I just bought The Dark Game a couple of weeks ago, but not sure when I'll get to it. Sounds like a good one though.

    Thanks for joining us for Spring into Horror. Our next (shorter) readathon is SciFi Summer June 1st - 14th (fantasy is also allowed) and then our next month long one is High Summer in July. Hope you can join us for one or both!