Sunday, January 24, 2021

Random Things Tours - Danger


TITLE: Danger
AUTHOR: Robin Nye
PUBLISHER: Conrad Press
PAGES: 672

SYNOPSIS: Danger is a riveting, fast-paced thriller that ranges from the leafy countryside of Kent to the windswept shores of the Black Sea and to the dramatic coastline of Cornwall. At its heart, 'Danger' is a compelling story depicting the hopelessness, desolation and suffering of those caught up in people-trafficking across Europe. A guest goes missing from a five-star country hotel, sparking an investigation which leads DI Sarah Hunter and DS Ted Selitto of Kent Police to the discovery that young girls are being trafficked from Eastern Europe to the UK for exploitation in the sex industry. As the body count rises, Hunter and Selitto find themselves caught up in a ferocious war between gangs of ruthless traffickers, each vying for supremacy in this sordid world. But will Hunter and Selitto be able to identify the mastermind who controls the UK operation before he can be silenced forever?

MY THOUGHTS: This book is a great thriller if you are looking for something dealing with the dark and seedier side of criminal investigations and crime.  It focuses on two Kent Police Officers, Sarah Hunter and Ted Selitto, as they investigate the disappearance of a high-scale hotel guest.  In doing so, they uncover sex trafficking and all of it's trappings.

Danger is a rather lengthy novel and I felt at times, it could have been somewhat shorter.  There's a lot of detail and honestly, it's not an enjoyable subject matter to begin with.  I did enjoy the partnership of Hunter and Selitto and I always like seeing how law enforcement in other countries compares with mine in the US.  The author clearly did his research and it's evident that he is very knowledgeable.  If you are looking for a dark, detailed thriller, this might be one you want to consider. 


Robin Nye has had a life-long interest in writing. 'Danger' is his first full-length novel. Leading a busy life in the commercial and voluntary sectors, he has plotted numerous stories over the years when travelling the world but has never had the time to write in earnest until now. He's already well advanced with his follow-up Hunter and Selitto novel.





  1. No doubt it would be better on audio with the appropriate accents. lol.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

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  3. Wow 672 pages...I'd have to really want to read a book to invest that kind of time. But I'm glad it was well researched 😁