Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday - It's Resolution Time!


The top 10 weekly meme used to be hosted by The Broke and the Bookish they  handed over the reins to That Artsy Reader Girl who can be found HERE.  Each week she will focus on lists which cover various topics related to books and reading.

This week's topic is blog and bookish resolutions.  I know I don't have ten but I am using this to combine something I've been meaning to do for awhile - a library reveal!

1. Try to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I hope to have Top Ten Tuesdays, Can't Wait Wednesdays, Stacking the Shelves/Update on Sundays, and reviews or tours at least 3 days a week.  We'll see.

2.  Respond to comments in a timely manner.  I was doing well until COVID hit and the world started burning.

3.  Use the library as much as possible.

4. Visit my favorite blogs several times a week.


5. Read some of my OWN books!

Which leads me to the long awaited library reveal!  It's not perfect but it's close to done and I love it.  So the remainder of the post is picture heavy.  This was about a 6 month process as I did it in steps because I couldn't empty the room and do it all at once.

This is the look when you enter the door.  Our house is 121 years old.  I repainted the walls and have to admit I love this purple even more than I thought.  The giant dog bed has been claimed by Apollo as both dogs love chilling in this room.

This is the corner with our exercise bike and three of my Prince photos.

Another exercise bike shot - one of my anniversary presents.

Two of 6 bookshelves and yep, I got mighty handy with a drill.  The books aren't organized but the top of them are dog/animal related, the second and third shelves are horror/mystery and the bottom cubes are a mix of horror/fantasy.

More shelves.

More shelves on the other wall.

A Prince album I had in high school and the shorter shelf is one my Dad built me and I couldn't part with so I painted it white to match.

My "window" seat.

This poster took forever to arrive and the cover of the album I had in high school.  I painted the letters and the glasses have lights in them which light up at night.

My desk which will eventually be painted white.  My husband salvaged from it when we got married and were living in a tiny upstairs apartment.  Something else I can't bear to part with.


Finally a half shelf where I keep my library books and planner supplies/other miscellaneous stuff.  The bulletin board also lights up at night.

So there you have it!  Yes, I'm a tad Prince obsessed but you can see why I definitely need to read from my own books!



  1. Your home library is lovely. I hope you enjoy reading your own books!

    My post.

  2. I love your goals, and I love your new space! I'm slightly obsessed with those purple walls😁

  3. I love your library so much!!! I have one of the same baby yodas that you have. :)

  4. Your library looks awesome! I love the color on the walls, and the carpet, and of course, the fabulous bookshelves. Thanks for sharing. :D

  5. This is amazing! I love seeing the goals and I'm sure thinking about them gives you a better chance of doing them.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  6. Ooh I love your library! How awesome. I love your Prince pics as well... :)

  7. Yessss! #4 and #5 are some of my goals too! I'm still SO bitter that I had been commenting on people's blogs all summer, and the comments weren't actually going through thanks to my browser... oye! I LOVE your library! What an awesome space!

  8. Love the library! It definitely looks like a cozy book nook :) and those are some great goals as well, I wish you luck with them. This year I am going to try to request less and try to be more up to date with reading ARCs...so basically the same as always!

  9. What a great home library! It's lovely and so personal, but welcoming at the same time.

  10. I'm also hoping to read more of the books I already own. Good luck!

  11. I love your new library, Barb! The purple looks great with the white and of course, is perfect for the Prince items. It looks like this is a decent size room. I have a room in the new house but it is tiny.

  12. Great goals and a cool library!!! :)

  13. Love your book shelves. There is something so beautiful about a stack of books! I hope you can stop by:



  14. Love the library, the purple looks great and it seems like a nice place to chill and read :) Good luck with all your goals!

  15. I love the purple walls! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    That poster is great! Happy to hear it finally arrived. 🎸

    I have a bookshelf from my father, too. πŸ€—

    Thanks for the tour! You have no excuse not to get tons of reading done now with your comfy library. πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

  16. Nothing wrong with being obsessed with Prince. I am from the Cities, not far from Paisley Park. When he died, I was a wreck, absolutely gutted.

    I love your library, it looks so cozy and peaceful!

  17. It's almost like we have identical goals. We can do this - lets stick together and keep each other focused.
    I love your library - it's fantastic and the colour is great. So jealous right now.
    Lynn :D

  18. Excellent bookcases! I also love the purple walls and the Prince artwork! My room has so much clutter but I'm on the finishing touches now. It looks like a cave where a pirate has stuffed all his ill gotten possessions!!!