Sunday, June 25, 2023

Farm News - June 25, 2023


So it's been a pretty uneventful week here at the farm and I'm grateful.  Both Mr. Barb and I were off Monday and Tuesday due to state holidays so lots of relaxing and reading were done on my part.  Apollo enjoyed having his dad home because even though he has really softened up and become much more affectionate with Mom, deep down he is still Daddy's boy.

I was able to pick up a new flowerpot for the puppy garden and a pair of pigeons have moved into the eaves next door so Apollo now has to check on them each night.  They must be expecting baby birds soon and even though I am not a pigeon fan, it's cute to see Apollo so attentive to them.  Also, Cassius used to love bandanas and often wore them until Apollo came along as a puppy and loved to pull them off. Over the years, Cassius accumulated a BUNCH and toward the end got to actually start wearing them again!  So, in honor of Cass, Apollo is doing "Bandana Summer" to honor his brother.  He is wearing a different one each day of summer and we will see how long he can go without repeating.  Here's is Friday's choice. My little boy is so grown up now.

I finished three books this week and the latest comic issue of Saga, which is pretty good and I hope to have a couple of new reviews up next week.  I had a short work meeting Saturday morning which just means I get to leave 2 hours early on Friday which is all pretty irrelevant considering I work from home anyway.  But I do have 9 days off starting July 1st.  We also started watching The Walking Dead: Dead City and two episodes in and it's already better than the last few years of The Walking Dead.  Negan is a jerk and a villain but he can be rather likable at times and the writer's give him so great lines.  

And finally I received some arcs from Netgalley and the publishers which I am really excited about.

Where You End is a thriller which comes out in January 2024 and is another book hopping on the rabbits on the cover trend.  Good Girls Don't Die is Christina Henry's newest book publishing mid November.  This is supposed to be a horror/thriller novel and as Henry is a hit and miss author for me, I'll admit I'm a tad nervous.  And finally, is the horror novel Black River Orchard by Chuck Wendig. Releasing at the end of September and clocking in at well over 500 pages, this book features a town where trees start producing deep red apples which have serious side effects once eaten. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Have you read any good books or watched any good TV or movies which I need to add to my lists?


  1. Oh I love the bandana summer idea to honor Cassius! Hope you post some on instagram! :) I am curious about Black River Orchard but over 500 pages...I will have to get the :)

  2. I love the pic of Apollo - he really is a beautiful boy:)). Glad the week wasn't particularly exciting - we could all do with normal boring in our lives, right now! Have a great week, Barb.

  3. Apollo is such a cutie! And that bandanna looks very good on him. And I bet you're really looking forward to your nine days off. Hope you've got something fun planned for them! :D

  4. Looks like some good books! I didn't finish the last couple seasons of The Walking Dead once Rick was gone. I tried, but just couldn't get back into it. So I will probably not do the new series. I think I had baby birds earlier this spring and now they seem to be hanging out in the tree where the nest was, and I think I see them flying around the yard, a little crazily like they're not quite sure still on how to do some of the flying, lol. Hope you have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  5. Enjoy your vacation!
    Black River Orchard sounds interesting.

    Wishing you a wonderful reading week

  6. That's exciting about the nine days off coming up and having just had two extra days this week. June is going fast. Then we are into the suffocation period of July and August with stifling heat. I just appreciate the rain we've had for the garden and lawn.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  7. Sounds like you had a good week! Apollo looks cute in his bandana. Enjoy your new books!

  8. Aww that's cute. and the pigeons! So cute he's checking up on them :)

    Good Girls Dont' Die- I NEED that one!

    I'm so torn on Negan and wondering if I'd like that show lolol

  9. Good Girls Don't Lie looks an interesting one!

  10. I love bandana summer! How sweet and what a great way to honor Cass. I didn't mention it on my blog because it's just too painful, but I just lost my sweet Otis this past week and I'm at a loss. I know you understand. I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself, I did so much for him and thought about him all the time.

  11. Apollo really has grown up! I think that bandana summer is the perfect way to honor Cass. I might have to check out the new Walking Dead series.

  12. Are some of the bandana photos going to make their way over to Instagram? Apollo is so handsome. 😍

    I said that I was going to restart Saga when I finished Giant Days, but I started reading a manga called Witch Hat Atelier, so I will restart it after I finish the manga series. 🙌

    I don't even recall when I stopped watching The Walking Dead. I got rid of our cable when it went from $50 to $80. I intended to get the DVDs from the library and continue on, but I didn't. 😛 Some day, maybe next summer, I'll do a marathon of the entire series. I don't know if I could watch a spin-off show with Negan as a main character. 😒

    I hope you've had a great start to your week! ☀