Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Review - The Dog Park

TITLE:  The Dog Park
AUTHOR: Laura Caldwell
PUBLISHER: Harlequin Mira
PUBLISHING DATE: July 29, 2014 (out now)

FROM GOODREADS:   Stylist Jessica Champlin knows it takes more than a darling goldendoodle to save a marriage. She and her ex-husband, investigative journalist Sebastian Hess, had too many irreconcilable differences for even their beloved dog, Baxter, to heal. So they've agreed to joint custody, and life has settled into a prickly normalcy.

But when Baxter heroically rescues a child and the video footage goes viral, Jess and Sebastian are thrown together again, and her life takes some very unexpected twists. The line of dogwear she creates becomes wildly successful, and suddenly she's in the spotlight with everyone watching—the press, the new guy she's seeing, Sebastian and the past she never imagined she would face again. Soon there's only one person by her side—and it's the person she least expected. She's willing to open up to a new normal…just as long as Baxter approves.

Although I read a lot of fantasy and paranormal books, every once in a while I love to throw in something different to mix things up. Well, this past weekend was the time to do this as I was in need of a quick read and "The Dog Park" was the perfect choice. This book is all about second chances. I cannot resist a cute dog in almost any book and Baxter fit the bill. I would say he is just about the most important characters in the book as without him, none of the other would be very interesting at all.

The characters in this book are engaging and while not immediately likable, do tend to grow on you. I enjoyed watching Jessica grow and develop and by the end of the book, I could see her as someone I would hang out with if given the chance. I honestly had issues with all three men in the book, but by the end, the book ended in the best way possible.

When I was younger, while I always loved animals, I never thought I would be one of those animal-crazed nuts who treated their pets like little humans. But you know, I am one of those nuts and proud of it. My 4 legged boys are my children and I cannot imagine life without them and Jessica clearly feels the same in "The Dog Park."

I thought this book was going to be mainly a cute, rom-com but it actually contains a lot of substance and is much more deeper than originally imagined. Thanks Ms. Caldwell for a wonderful way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon.


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